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Guter HD-Festplatten-Camcorder der 1080p aufnimmt?

Good HD camcorder to the hard-1080p recording?

Frage von Tobias Claren:
Mai 2008


I'm looking for a good (there are in the category ever buy Crucial differences ...? (Überhaupt genaug camcorder) of FullHD HDD camcorder recording.
I read as inaccurate on the HG10.

Unfortunately, I think because there is no overview of s.Markt located devices. That can not be many.

Why 1080p? Because the television has 1080p, and I have demos of HD with 1080i interlaced Effects can see where they are 1080p videos are not available.
Also, the 1080i Demo (Airshow of Philips specifically, because of the homogeneous spaces of sky and airplanes) sees if he has a good post passes better.
So it's simply better 1080p material like it.
This is synonymous more s.Platzverbrauch value.
Typically, you always several qualities from which one can choose. And possibly synonymous 1080i if you wanted (but I saw no reason).

Antwort von WoWu:

SonyEX1 .. Only with the hard drive is this one thing .... but then the EX3.

Antwort von Tobias Claren:

As I have probably forgotten that it is for home and Urlaubstauglich be o_0;-D.

I thought s.die magnitude HG-10.
What I found so suggests that all 1080i "see" and the hard drive to store and can spend a maximum of 1080p. So an internal deinterlacing (at least, would be playing for the direct benefit, but rather because it is rare indeed secures external).
Or it is in 1080i "seen", but recorded in 1080p.
I do not know (???).
Or is there real 1080p Recording in the area (size and price)?
Because when I read it was not, were always tape devices. The data rate of DV packs - Standard unlikely.
But that is exactly want I do not, no tapes, and in any case, hard drive (which usually means synonymous SD).
The disadvantages of the tapes and the equipment are now just do not anymore.
Susceptible mechanics (because we are defying the housing parts remote screws can not remove [strange] it will repair the flat for a good 60 euros, before the old D8 for maybe 300 euros in the Electronic Bay disposed of), duration of the tapes, no fast Delete and use of free space ingsgesamt, battery life (in seemingly record several hours of normal), tedious dubbing in real time, etc. ....
AVCHD is probably not synonymous purgatory. It can only get better. It is the future. And the calculator should be fast enough to be synonymous (E6400 C2D, 3GB RAM, PurevideoHD in hardware on the Geforce AVCHD which can be).

If a device in 1080i with 50Hz or 60Hz recording, it should be synonymous in 24p can record 1080p. That is roughly the same data rate (?).

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello Tobias,

unfortunately, was the only EX3 fairly common, because there are no real offers of 1080p in the consumer area and whether the internal de-inter leasing is really so much better than that of synonymous NLEs must still show.
But no preference where you do it, the artifacts are not eliminated but are mostly overshadowed by blur ... already to some extent quite deliberately in the Camera. The question arises, what is then needed about 1080, when I narrow the focus should be anyway.
You've absolutely right, if at 1080, then konzequenter way synonymous to "p" and that are so synonymous all experts agree.
There remains the question of whether in 25 or 50 Meanwhile, true now almost everyone in the reputation that so 25p is choppy, although not nearly so far only in the movies has disrupted and synonymous to None DVD criticizes was .... All calls after P50 now .... but unfortunately not the standardization bodies and without a set standard will probably not implement manufacturer.
Also, I think, the camcorder manufacturers synonymous only once the true image sensor 1080 from her reality. Until today, we are in the consumer cameras just once at half resolution. The rest is "make believe".
From the data rates since it would be efficient with modern codecs today no problem ... synonymous could finally 8bit barrier to us the tape material in the consumer area with the SNR gives miserable.
Only the manufacturer should begin with the image sensors .... it would be a huge step on the right track, even 1080, no preference whether "p" or "i" to make.

Antwort von Tobias Claren:

"Artifacts"? So the 1080i video of Philips will be noticeably better.
No. Interlacestreifen or "fringes" s.den edges of the wings, the lettering on the machine without noticeably PureVideoHD interlaced.
When the Hardwerbeschleunigung in a DVD software that supports it, there will be more visible.
The same with the Sony or Samsung video. I think Samsung looks at a large intersection with four quad zebra stripes.
Everything sharper. Even the taxi.
To achieve this, it deblocking, motion compensation "(probably the adjustment s.die refresh rate so there is no Mikroruckler), etc..

What is NLE?
I know only in the PC graphics card.
An extra player, there is not synonymous. Only a DVD in the PC-LW.

If the question you should now have a 1080-Camera to buy (and if so, which ones)? Years or an indefinite wait.
And then the aujch again more expensive than current 1080th An HG-10 you can get for 600 euros.

As for 25P etc.: Germany responsible for the BR-25p but man has "decreed".
It should therefore at all BR discs out to.
It was said that Germany should be equal bvon beginning s.richtig make (especially since the footage is in 25p, and therefore not to be converted qualitätsmindern [double and triple frames, faster running ton ...]).
50Hz there has been only because of the network frequency. This is now gone.

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello Tobias,

The problem with these filters is that they are only for very specific content can affect ... If one day no longer comes MPEG2 signal but an MPEG4 signal that a totally different subject processing, provides all again very different.
Reminds me slightly s.die 100Hz tools that every horizontal scroll on the TV and have defaced the broadcaster really had their problems so just because a development engineer windy said, his picture can be enhanced .... there are a whole series s.beispielen ...
No, you have pictures s.der source and is not improve s.den symptoms rumdocktern.

If the question you should now have a 1080-Camera Buy

clearly .... in a few months back anyway, you need to get a new one.
Innovation cycles are now of 3 years to less than one years slipped ....

As for 25P etc.: Germany responsible for the BR-25p but man has "decreed".

I know not what BR, but the EBU broadcasters has recommended introducing 720p50 and ZDF will follow the recommendation ... ARD has to imply that they are such recommendations will not escape.
So of 720p25 was not the speech of 1080 and synonymous only in the form P50, but only if the infrastructure permits, but more probably in a 10-year period.

Were we on the issue:

(and if so, which ones)?

My recommendation: Let the Finger of 1080 while there is still no real 1080 there. Purchase you a camera to make a native 720p50. There are many reasons synonymous from the point of view of the apparent resolution.
Two major test series of the BBC and the EBU have given interesting insights to light.
If there are solid 1080, you can still change ... when the time comes? Who knows?

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