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Suche Camcorder für Onboardaufnahme mit gutem Ton (Mic-In)

Search for onboard recording camcorder with good sound (; Mic-In)

Frage von Schumi911:
Mai 2009

Hello Together,

I am an absolute newcomer to the camcorder in the field. I get more from the photography camp. So I know for example that the number of pixels is not everything, but that the pixel size provides better image quality ;-)

So now I am also car freak and would like to make a variety of sound recordings. To this end I have been synonymous gained a good compact stereo microphone: SonyECM-DS70P.
The s.den MD recorder via a 5m cable connected, there is a (for me at a very acceptable sound, was surprised myself). Had the Micro, incidentally packed with cotton wool polishing, because of the wind outside s.Auto.

So now the sound recordings are so good and nice, but not synonymous Picture something boring. So actually I have long dreamed of a good EinsteigerCam. Actually, I would like but 1 (no reels, so feel ne thing) and 2 a micro-phone input. Thus the choice is very limited indeed!

So the camera would have to satisfy the following requirements:
- No vibration -
- (Ordinary resolution; FullHD but must not really be such)
- Super mic input with manual audio control, because it's otherwise crashes at every gas blast
- S.besten manual focus, because otherwise in this vibration always come shit procedures
- S.liebsten with SD Card
- Image stabilization? An optical is probably too much, and an electronic will probably want to follow the center. There is, however, the street, so that the camera always controls, contrary to the curves (and I think)

I would also like the alternative even had time to throw in the room, next to work with a separate sound recorder unit and reassemble the whole s.Calculator. But this is (again, an additional step; time??) On which I can do without.

For the price: The whole should then move around the 300 euro (and here thinking primarily s.Gebrauchtpreise).

So I had time to thank all who have read this far here and am looking forward to your suggestions times. I think the issue is quite exciting is not it?


Antwort von unodostres:

Sorry, but 300 ¬
ensure you get nothing that would meet your requirements, synonymous only rapprochement.
I can recommend you ne Canon HV30 or HV40. The cost around 800 ¬. But even then you only ne mini jack as a microphone input. With nem regular mic and know-how to how to edit audio you get out there but very good results with.
Doe HV30 but takes on MiniDV (; on tape).

The Canon HF100 takes up memory and is synonymous to a mini-jack as a microphone input.
How well this cam is but I do not know. The HV30 (; which takes up to tape) is still more expensive than the HF100. Whether this has something to say but I do not know.

And for 300e you get nothing clever synonymous second-hand. Not more than that consumed :-)

Antwort von Schumi911:

"UnoDosTre" wrote:

But even then you only ne mini jack as a microphone input.

To say I can not quite nochvollziehen. What do I want more?

And what do you think of the solution with a separate audio recording?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Schumi911" wrote:
"UnoDosTre" wrote:
... only ne mini-jack mic input as ...
... What do I want more? ...

A mini-jack connection is not optimal because it has two drawbacks: First, it is unbalanced (the driving seat, especially at cable lengths exceeding a few meters it is also susceptible to interference into audible sound signal) and the rest are female and Male not locked. In heavy vibration so it can happen that triggers the connection and the sound recording order fails.
All this was mentioned only once, because you asked for it, because a real alternative with balanced XLR connectors and lockable s.ungefähr found only on camcorders, the 3000-Euro-Class. For your purpose, but you could at least save the time with gaffer tape, so he does not inadvertently loosened.

Antwort von Schumi911:

Then come here right away, unfortunately, no secrets, I just looked myself again and found the following:

The Aiptek here is to give an mic-in, but have the quality of the evaluators wrote nothing http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a365391.html

The Canon FS200 is in any case, mic-in, but can not be controlled:

Regulations, there are at Canon first p. 1000 euros. What do you think the auto-regulation of engine sounds with varying load and speed?

What do you think now of a very cheap Aiptek buy it, then put the sound s.Calculator over it? How complex is it with which program?
As I said the picture quality is not the most important.

Beautiful Whitsunday

Antwort von B.DeKid:

You draw with the MD and to give the signal directly s.The Cam goes well the next.

Also good for mini mixer nen gespeisst via the cigarette lighter which is synonymous to govern.

When you buy the HF100 Cam is ne guenstig memory card has and top quality.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Schumi911:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
You draw with the MD and to give the signal directly s.The Cam goes well the next.

Also good for mini mixer nen gespeisst via the cigarette lighter which is synonymous to govern.

When you buy the HF100 Cam is ne guenstig memory card has and top quality.

B. DeKid

Hi B. DeKid,
Sounds good, what you write. Could you maybe do something next? How should I give the signal s.The Cam? What will cost so'n mixer?
Actually, it would not be bad if I did not of power would depend. Would like to synonymous s.Rennstrecken filmed by the roadside.

've Just seen: The HF100 is with 600 Euro is not exactly cheap! I need to fill as I said not a HD Television.

Danke schon mal

Antwort von Schumi911:

I could perhaps explain a method of B. DeKid?

Antwort von B.DeKid:


So if You turn a mixer between the singnal .... then you can share it ... say you give the sound once s.The Cam and once next to the MD.

Without mixer

You draw next sound with the mic on and take the action in addition to via MD. Later in the video section you can take the Progi Cam Sound as Refferenz syncron and create the "better" sound of the MD.
But for that you should ever s.Anfang the recording (n) as in the hands clap (; door strike), so you can this peak (; apparent rash use of sound) as refferenz point.

B. DeKid

Antwort von darg:

A small problem with optical Bildstabbis is that they absorb the vibrations from the car not coming. Even with the images turned off OptiStabbi seem somehow gestroert may be that it lies on the CMOS. I do not know whether the HF100 does not have the same chip as the mechanical and HV series has had to try halt.

For example DeKid 's method: You take an MD recorder or an MP3 recorder that gives you better sound quality. The input signal can be transmitted in many Geaeten via headphone connection or line-out and is fed into the camera. This is for the sync later in the processing so that the video picture can be synchronizes with the sound.

Antwort von Schumi911:

Yes, thanks, now I have understood it so far.

And what about now with a "BilligCam out"? Can you recommend anything half as good? When I say I renounce and mic-in OIS, I simply just want a passable 800x600 pixels Picture.

Danke schon mal

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