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HDC-SD707 Probleme bei der Aufnahme auf SDHC-Karte, Datenverlust!

HDC-SD707 problems with recording to SD card data loss!

Frage von Zico:
November 2010


I've bought yesterday, the Panasonic HDC-SD707, and would like to bring along on my trip to the USA (New York and Las Vegas) in two weeks.

Now I am today, has been at the airport Zurich-Kloten, and spent about 2 hours with film.

Sorry, there were always problems again. After the first couple of shots I wanted to play them on the LCD display, but what a shock display "No data to display '!

I then formatted the card with the camera and made new recordings, usden starting A380 of Singapore Airlines. Well got home, I wanted to play the whole thing on the PC, but it comes back the message that no data are available on the card!

What's wrong? Good it was relatively cold, probably 0 ° or even less. But there are other filmmakers were as synonymous, one synonymous with a Panasonic Cam, who apparently had no problems.

When I put the card in Windows Explorer open, data are available, but have nothing but the files no sense synonymous and have a date that does not exist?

What should I do? Is the camera probably defective, or what it is?

Card is "hama HIGH SPEED Gold, 8GB SDHC Class 10.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Antwort von Jott:

The few ¬ for a different card to spend (maybe not exactly Hama ...), then you know immediately what it was.

Antwort von MarioX:

There is a large German Chemist 4 GB microSDHC card and adapter for 8.95 ¬. The work with my SD707 perfectly. Can buy and yes sometimes a test.

Antwort von Zico:

So you think that it is effectively s.der card?

What would you recommend a card for her? Which have you done her good.

Thanks and greetings

Ps Ev. I must mention that it was quite cold in the recordings, you've had experiences with the action on recordings made in the winter (the cold)?

Antwort von tommyb:

Your card is in the ass.

Take one of Sandisk, Transcend (good PL ratio) or other non-generic products.

Antwort von Zico:

"Tommyb" wrote:
Your card is in the ass.

Take one of Sandisk, Transcend (good PL ratio) or other non-generic products.

And because of the cold, with her other cards have never had such experiences as I do? I just want to make sure that I will in the U.S. is not the same thing happened!

Thanks and greetings

Antwort von crassmike:

Personally, I buy most of memory card of Kingston. available on their website:

Operating temperature - 0 ° to 60 ° C
Storage temperature - -25 ° to 85 ° C

So if you go out of a tolerance range of a few degrees, I would say that the current temperatures, although marginally, but not really dangerous. In addition, sits the memory card so the inside of the camera, where is normally produced by the image processor enough heat - so the 700 series has indeed received a fan missed ...

Memory cards are still cheap and you can never have enough of them;) ... Just buy another of the producers mentioned here so far, and try the same with this card out - then you know it ...


Antwort von WoWu:

@ Zico
Did you format the card in the camcorder?
On each card there is a defect management, are stored in the bad blocks.
These defects are marked, but the mask must provide the application programming.
Since the markers can be deleted in the chip, however, must already be in the first programming be ensured that such tables are created and stored.
It is not so easily possible to use any memory card and the write speed is not a measure of the quality of a card. Rather, it is synonymous the memory management of the card, the defects can, as the card not have such a thing as a useful buffer in the current images can be written as the cards architecture with the "memory management" is employed.
This explains synonymous, that a Class 10 at Panasonic only card with a maximum data rate of state 22 MByte / s is specified, other Manufacturer, however, be of such cards 30 MB / s and more.
The remedy here is original cards, which may have some slightly more expensive, but work.

Antwort von MarioX:

What is an original card? The of Panasonic? Work week for security reasons, only Panasonic cards? Sorry, that's probably nonsense.

Antwort von Replay:

It is not necessary, "Original cards" to use. Otherwise, would a filmmaker with a Canon camera, the images are probably in stone, because there are no maps of Canon;)

In any case, maps of brands (have been here even mentioned it) may be used. And do not take cards from eBay or any cheap offers, as its the fakes. This has often synonymous a data loss.

Antwort von penkeler:

"Tommyb" wrote:
not no-name products.

Especially the brand quality is often faked.

Antwort von Jan:


to relieve Hama something, I must say that your Class 10 maps are definitely not bad.

My defect rate goes in this Class 6 card and 10 equal to 0, you will only topped by San Disk Extreme Panasonic and gold cards. Hama is a reason 10 year warranty on Class 6 +10 cards.

There are eg the simple red card prone San Disk, which can even now see 4 GB synonymous Class 4.

This then led to an examination of returned, damaged and often allegedly defective cards in the company.

At this temperature there should be no problem for the brand manufacturers.

With Transcend because I had more problems, just like with supermarket cards (eg Formula 1 )......

To save the data may just buy data recovery software & data recovery Download & Programs. Quite often you can still find files to restore.


Antwort von fly-italo:

Of which I have 2 pieces. Gezickt have never and price true synonymous.

http://cgi.ebay.de/16GB-SDHC card-Extrememory-SD-16-GB-CLASS-6-/400062656855? DE_Computer_Elektronik_Foto_Camcorder_Speicherkarten_PM pt = & hash = item5d2597b157

Antwort von WoWu:

It all depends on what needs exist for part of the equipment manufacturer s.die card .... if the processor or the bus management on the card are too slow and you try as 1080p50 to make it, you can figure out already, how fast the processor it should be. This has precious little to do with the Speed rate on the card, but with how they handled the internal data.
And with original card, I thought that cards that have been recommended by the manufacturer. Of course not because Panasonic are on it but who has read my post carefully, not only synonymous but understood that would not otherwise synonymous interpreted.
But who of course do not really know how such a map does hold, of course, be s.Semantik.
Moreover, there is the thread starter is still the possibility that he deleted the badblocks administration, or has not worn correctly. A map must not therefore necessarily defective, but misuse fürht also cause data loss.

Antwort von Zico:

Even while I had been filmed, the play on the action several times "no data" message. I formatted the card will be with the action, and could then record again, but as I said, s.Schluss the data was still gone!

Do not quite understand what you usually WoWu what can I do something else to the board to be used properly?

I now have the following two cards ordered:

Patriot Memory SD HC 8GB
SDHC10 card 8GB, LX Series

Transcend SDHC Card Ultimate, 16GB, Class 10

Had both the card test of chip achieves good grades.

What's the matter with the recovery? What should I try as prog?

Ps Panasonic Tech Support has already responded:

Thank you for your inquiry.
Your error is described completely unknown to us. The fault may lie s.der s.der Camera or SD Card. If they can secure the card must be changed, they could find yourself making the faulty component. Of course, it is synonymous possible to return the device to control us, or go to their Dealers over.

For further questions we are of Mo - (. 2.15/Min CHF) Fri during office hours on 0900 809 809 contact us.
Best regards

Antwort von WoWu:

Hi Zico ....

Formatting a new card and the facilities of the bad block list is urgently needed because otherwise the camera (without this file) synonymous tried to write in bad blocks.

With 1080p50 you have a relatively high administrative data on the buses within the map. It may be that the card is too slow because it is not important which CLASS stands on it, is important for high demands (and 1080p50 is one), whether the card with the one of the camera can deal offered Processing .
The ordered tickets can I say anything, because there are other cronies who know them but certainly I would take for the image format rather have a really good map and do not save s.der place.

Last possibility of course is that it's broken and simply moving .:-))
Wait a minute from the new maps.
Panasonic recommends what type of card because for the Camera?
There are some here in the forum with the camera, perhaps the experience can sometimes be the best card and issue a recommendation.

Antwort von Jan:


It can happen to you with every card that it fails immediately. This is the perfect myself with SanDisk's Extreme IV.

If the card is reported to slow the Panasonic after at least 45 seconds, a Canon immediately after insertion. I was even able to film with the Hama Class 6 cards permanently (which goes so synonymous). After the sale of several hundred cards in the last 12 weeks was not defective card with me!

If really there is no operator error and camera defect, it was relatively large pitch.

In a speed test can measure the relatively poor stability, since only long-term experience with many customers and bring some more cameras. In the Magazine chip I would be very careful of the Canon G12 last test was with the speed rating under 57% of all gun - unfortunately not an isolated case.

Last week I had two really bad even without the Transcend card and I sell you at all - some Internet experience to say the same thing. They are not that great.

And who is a patriot? Of the Samsung or Toshiba supplies?

Data Recovery: It is sometimes so simple that Programs can recover the card or save data, find a shareware program despondent for 100 ¬. I have to use some data recovery even 4 Programs to be successful.

When Google finds you enter countless Programs Data Recovery / SD card or Recovery. A little self-initiative would be nice.

PC Inspector smart recovery is known, for example.


Antwort von Jan:

"WoWu" wrote:

There are some here in the forum with the camera, perhaps the experience can sometimes be the best card and issue a recommendation.

Had I made above:

San Disk Exreme III or Panasonic 10 or Silver Class Gold Class 6!


Antwort von WoWu:

Jan ... I was hoping that you get in touch .... because as you can see ... the full program!
best greetings.

Antwort von Sebera:

I use in my 707
two class 4 SanDisk Ultra II 16GB cards. Meanwhile filmed 150 hours without failure. Moreover synonymous with Cons temperatures. Sunday wal again really nice 3 hours to ass frozen off aufem football field.

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Good work on the 707

16 GB should have seen some go over the Jordan

Samsung, 6x (the best SDHC cards - without failures)
4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

Verbatim (makes problems with other cameras, but none with the 707)
6x 8 GB

2 x 2 GB
Gold Series 10x 8 GB

The Silver series is very synonymous to recommend!

Antwort von Zico:

Now hope that the new cards coming soon, and it is therefore better. Seems to be so dependent that you can have with each card bad luck ...

Will report back.

If allowed, here's a link to the Patriot Manufacturer:

Antwort von tommyb:

"Penkeler" wrote:
Especially the brand quality is often faked.

To pick up:
Yes, absolutely correct.

For more expensive branded goods can fall for fakes.

For cheaper goods NoName promises much for the money but even more.

Unfortunately, everything to happen and the only way to figure out whether you bought the program is garbage H2testw of Heise:


Otherwise, I personally have a lot of scrap with Transcend very good experience for (at least no negative).

Antwort von Yaz:

"Jan" wrote:
I was even able to film with the Hama Class 6 cards permanently (which goes so synonymous). After the sale of several hundred cards in the last 12 weeks was not defective card in

Hi Jan, it would be interested to know what size card is meant 8/16/32 GB?

Antwort von WoWu:

I was even able to film with the Hama Class 6 cards permanently

January, refers to the 1080p50?
And refers to the 707?
Because the card speed does not reflect the speed of the internal management with increasing complexity. (Non-data throughput)

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

at 1080p50 always went with me all the cards, such as Verbatim synonymous!

Antwort von WoWu:

Then it looks so good but look like a defect.

Antwort von penkeler:

"IMac27_edmedia" wrote:
at 1080p50 always went with me all the cards, such as Verbatim synonymous!

For me it's 1080p50 with a 512 MB SD card Noname, from the 2006 vintage. At that time there were no SDHC and "Class".

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