Infoseite // HDR-CX550VE - clipping of live concert recordings

Frage von voyagerdvag:


Live at the records to be controlled by menu down starch level (; two levels - Normal and Low) hardly felt.

All recordings are completely overloaded and unusable.

The same I have with an external, mini-Click Micro of Sony (and formerly with MD players often recommended), try. At that time, with the MDs gave it a great result. With the above Cam - unfortunately synonymous unusable.

Do you have a tip?

Best wishes,



Antwort von voyagerdvag:

Hmmm ... None really has an answer ...?

Hope so ..




Antwort von domain:

Generally said to have a great dynamic mics primary robustness. Your membranes can not be moved easily to attack, such as condenser microphones, and they also deliver from a very low output voltage. Come on just one test on.


Antwort von Videobodo:

Hi Frank
So, in live concerts for years, I use a normal stage micro Shure 58B, to a corresponding adapter cable to mini-jack. So I've never run into problems. As I said, these little micros-s.Camcorders vulnerable to override at least during use.


Antwort von mikroguenni:


the clipping is not a problem with the microphone, but the consistently lousy microphone inputs of the (consumer) camcorders. The inputs override for input voltages between 30 and 50mV, a normal mixer of the easiest varieties to withstand at least 10 to 20 times the value.
Example: a camcorder microphone with 20mV/Pa deliver 94dB at an output voltage of 20mV. At 100dB, which is at a live concert not a lot, there are already 40mV and so is the clip (the camcorder!) Is reached.
Remedy would require a simple voltage divider between Micro and create input of the camcorder. This may, however, the noise increased.
Dynamic microphones are generally less sensitive, the output voltage is 1-2mV/Pa, the overload of the camcorder is prevented, but I think the SM58 sounded from the point of view not suitable.

Greeting Mikroguenni


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