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Sony HDR-SR12E Festplatte aus bei MemoryStick Aufnahme?

SonyHDR-SR12E from hard drive to Memory Stick Recording?

Frage von Sankisan:
September 2008

I have a somewhat specific question and am up to now not found anything (even read instructions).

I am me SonyHDR-SR12E to buy, my question is whether the hard drive is off when the Memory Stick is being recorded. Logically, it would be yes, but I've found no confirmation yet.

The camera is placed in a racing car (touring) installed, and the vibrations could be the active hard drive harm (I'm thinking). Since it is only for 1 race weekend is the Camera and then I continue synonymous wants, I prefer and would only Festplattencam for this application using the Memory Stick.

Someone information that the hard drive to Memory Stick recording is disabled? Has anyone tested?

Thanks for your help

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

as far as I know, is the Sony Memory Stick cams only for the Photo function thought. Moving images are not saved.

Antwort von Meggs:

While I will not be practical sources, nor ichs've tried, but still would like to say what.
1. With probability s.Sicherheit border is off the hard drive, if you stick to aufnimmst. This can be seen from energy-saving reasons presuppose.
2. The hard drive is in off state, though not as sensitive as in the operation, but it is still much more sensitive to shocks than flash memory.
3. The camcorder s.sich is a sensitive device with erschütterungsempfindlicher mechanics. Even a pure flash memory camcorder can only be limited expect bumps and vibrations.

Antwort von Sankisan:

Thanks for the answers

@ Kar.EL.Gott
No, when SR11/12 can be synonymous to Memory Stick video recording (in the older models were only photo).

@ Meggen,
I think that they are synonymous, I should have liked because of the power saving feature a hint of Sonyerhofft (longer battery life in MS Recording, less heat, etc. Unfortunately, no concrete indication of Sony) ..
Regarding the vibration, I'll give you fairly.
There has been quite good but with an HDV cam does, unfortunately, after 8 races the tape drive 'errors'.
At the beginning, it works great, but after some time, the tape drive more often in shock as just riding ausgeklinkt due to lack of seconds is noticeable. Now after 8 races, doing the Cam synonymous sometimes when playing cassettes of heavy, other camcorders in the function. Each race is approximately 3-4 hours recording, so keep the stuff already pretty much ;-)

Synonymous, I think that a race car is not the right use for a camcorder is normal, but it is far cheaper than 'real systems'. If the hard drive is off, I would risk making the problem it is only 1 race weekend and I want the camcorder will not throw away ..

I will not synonymous Buy the Sony and then run the hard drive anyway and everything is broken in the first training ...

Sonysagt the hard drive is in safe mode - off 'relatively secure against vibration, even falling down, but what you do not, in the active state but you should avoid any vibration.

I guess I will at times look past the shop and try if you can test it somehow (hear / feel) that the hard drive to sleep when one begins to stick.

Thanks at least for the info

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Would CX11 because nothing in the fall? It is of the same picture quality to be.

Antwort von domain:

Whether the internal hard drive is running or not you can hear immediately if the ear s.die Camera holds. And it would be totally absurd if the SR-12 the hard drive when recording to the memory stick while still running should be synonymous.

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

I've seen since has pictures of the HDD with a flash HDD swapped. Weis is not whether there was a photo montage. But it would be conceivable.

Antwort von Sankisan:

So, I've tested all you wanted and the result is not denied.

Due to time constraints, I unfortunately have to buy the cam and I was due to the confirmation of my thoughts regarding futility quite sure the hard drive would be disabled. Following the instructions I still have seen the setting whether on hard drive or Memory Stick will be 'permanent' in the main menu must be deposited (a simple switch, there is not), I was pretty sure that if the setting for Memory Stick movie recording is selected, there is no reason the hard drive about to start. The notice of the hard drive Sonydass in inactive status in the park position is to fall down in a no damage to be, I thought on the Page to be safe.

Incredibly starts with the camcorder Memory Stick recording the hard drive anyway!

If the camcorder recording on Memory Stick recruits start after turning the hard drive audibly (turns up). It will then briefly data read / written (tack), then leaves the hard drive speed is down, turns on but (my opinion) not completely. If you turn off the camcorder can be heard (I believe) that the hard drive into the parking position and goes completely off.

In my opinion, turns the hard drive for recording Memory Stick also with lower speed next, the high pipe is gone (you hear the drive speed down), in the park position as shown in the off state but is certainly not.

In addition, one hears in the standby mode, constant popping noises, write operations are not to hear differently, but it is something mechanical in the Cam s.arbeiten, even if no recording is started and the Memory Stick is selected. What can that be is not clear to me, the autofocus can not be, it was turned off, of course, synonymous Zoom.

Well, in any event is (or) is the camcorder already built in the racing and I hope this weekend he will 'survive'.

I wanted them for the most important information is not likely to pass anyway, if someone times in a similar situation. Each case should be some things not of the logic out ;-)

Thanks at least for the feedback!

@ AndreasBloechl
The CX11 was obviously a consideration, but in the quite expensive memory prices, I wanted to stick to the hard drive but do not (for future use). The Flashbasierende HDD is interesting, ich werd mal googln

Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Alright, I will maybe in the CX11 strike. Waiting times but now until Christmas s.was still does.

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