Infoseite // HDR video with two Canon 5D Mark II creates

Frage von B.DeKid:

Very nice idea

See link

with beam splitter which "my Lens" the order?
Someone an idea?

B. DeKid


Antwort von Simon Aschenbrenner:

Looks really interesting, but I think you would need more different exposures, so it looks realistic? Sun looks bad already artificially from ...

"Beam splitters are the 3D rigs, in which the two cameras perpendicular to each other (one of the top, one of the back) to a set diagonally (45 °), semi-transparent mirror are addressed, so that both cameras while filming from the same perspective, However, with any / he (less) parallax (or in the case without shift), there is no housing in the way like the Side-by-side procedures.

(I just found on the fly) ->



Antwort von Axel:

A problem was noted earlier on, is that for both HDR shots theoretically absolutely must be synchronously. In contrast to 3D remain the two images are not separated, but are later merged into one. The idea of a 3D rig for HDR abusive use, by the way, we had two years ago, here .

If I have understood correctly HDR, such images would see on an analog medium, can represent the finer gradation, from still strange, hyper-real, but not as falschfarbenmäßig surreal. Thus, whether there has been a third or fourth recording in addition, it will have less to do.


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