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Frage von eddymurx:

Dear Video Experts!
I own a Canon 5D Mark II in the future and would like the video function more use. Therefore i need a light head ('m much in the mountains) with whom I can do smooth pans. Two models I have found so far: 700 RC2 Manfrotto and Velbon PH-368.
What can you recommend me?
Is it synonymous with these heads portrait photograph?
Furthermore, I use the Novoflex Quick Change system (Mini-Connect).
I look forward to your tips.

Many greetings


Antwort von Clemensch:

Portrait photography can be! Works like with a photo tripod, you need only the cam 90 ° drehn!



Antwort von comix:

"eddymurx" wrote: with whom I can do smooth pans.
Then we are talking here of four installments. Only right at such a low weight. In the Velbon Manfrotto league and less than 100 ¬ you can bend it ... it must be a fluid tripod.


Antwort von eddymurx:

Has anyone experience with the Manfrotto 701 HDV? It still belongs to the lighter head (0.83 kg).



Antwort von deti:

Yes it is great that we have several in use! The damping is pleasant - almost a little strict, if the camera is too easy - for the 5D Lens with beautiful 3-4kg sure about right. From the processing of really great - a little more robust tripod head.



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