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Wie Archivieren?AVCHD Camcoder die Videos einfach auf festplatte ziehen?

How archiving moving? AVCHD camcorder videos to hard drive easily?

Frage von dukevince:
März 2011


Today I bought my first HD camcorder, and now I realize that it was perhaps not as clever.
And although I have always worked with a mini DV camcorders and DV tape when the full tape was simply a new use.
But now with my new HD camcorder JVC GZ-HM550BEU saved so all the videos on the 32GB memory chip.
I have no new power PC, the fact that such a camcorder means nothing for me?

How can I download the videos from the camcorder's memory chip s.einfachsten and quickly archive without a new computer?
Can I connect the JVC GZ-HM550 s.einem PC and then simply Files (; AVCHD) videos drag in a folder on the hard drive. to Codini Without the video - for it to get to there first archive until I irgentwann a better PC with good video editing program can do?

How do you archive your videos from your memory stick hd camcorders?

Do I have a very good PC, or you can simply synonymous data from the memory stick to move the PC and stored there first?
How do you save your HD videos of your camcorder only has a memory stick?

Many many thanks
I hope to get some answer

Antwort von B.DeKid:

AllwaysSync> Winrar> QuickPar

More is not required!

OK 2 external drives on which you can mirror the files!

B. DeKid

Antwort von nordheide:

It's still simple.

There are accessories as appropriate external DVD Burner
the material of the card or internal memory via USB ensuring your Cam (as mini-Blu Ray)
and / or convert burn as a video and DVD.

Is a "one-button solution", can serve anyone
but of course not a low budget.

As part means there is, in the manual of your camcorder.
I do not remember.

Antwort von frm:

Why burn man can delete the data but the same? Is less labor.

I personally make a backup hard drive to an External I synonymous as Bdekid mirror. The whole synonymous s.zwei different places / houses so synonymous in the event of fire or what ever the synonymous data are yet available. If you consider that you now get 2 TB for 100 EUR, which is not very much.


Antwort von dukevince:

Thank you for your answers.

I want to go again, sure I have understood correctly.

So it is garkeine the problem of my HD video data memory stick on my old PC and then simply copy to a hard drive to store, which means I do not need a new PC for it?

And if I look at the videos later want to watch me, I must first copy them back to my HD Camera?


Antwort von frm:

A high-tech PC you need to copy data safe light not. If it is not just a 15 year old Pentium 3 PC (as it should go synonymous Vorrausgesetzt you already have Windows 200:)! God were the times:)

Sure, you can transfer files to and if synonymous back playing again. You have to but be careful if you have the data saving the whole Ordnerstrucktur with store. Otherwise the camera while play anything with it.
I do not understand why you play only the data with the camera?
Reaping you anything about it?


Antwort von gunman:


In order to copy the video files of the memory card of your camcorder to your PC or (and) to an external hard drive you do not need new PC.

The copy back to the camera, to play the videos, that does not!

Do you have the files (copy the entire folder as it exists on the memory card), it is probably synonymous sub-folder 1:1 copies, they are saved for later processing.

If you then then the files of've erased the memory card (included with new) You can use the copied files without manipulating it in a Schittprogramm and brought in a television-compatible format to have for the time being only be viewed on the PC (for example) with the free VLC player.

Antwort von nordheide:

"Gunman" wrote:

The copy back to the camera, to play the videos, that does not!

But it can!

The easiest way:
1. Existing maps content (SD Card) using a USB card reader on the hard drive of the PC copy. With directories and subdirectories, etc.
2. Card data delete
3. The whole directory structure (of the other older card content) from the PC to copy to the memory card.

The USB card reader you have to actually synonymous, because it is synonymous, namely via USB directly of / s.die Camera. It is usually easier and faster with an external reader.

Antwort von gunman:

and you are sure that the camera plays the files correctly?

I think I can remember, that was explained here in the forum once why does not work, I am now after your post but not 100 percent sure.

Antwort von nordheide:

Why should the Cam, the files can not play again?

It's a copy of an original recorded map 1:1.

There is no copy protection is not.

Antwort von tommyb:

If the file structure is maintained, then you can play the files again synonymous.

Only by so "clever" and is copied over but the actual video files nothing, then the file structure is of course not the same and it does NOT work.

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