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Good evening,

how do I add a logo s.den right of the screen?
If I go under title logo is gray (not clickable)
The logo I have saved as a JPG on the desktop.
What can I do?


Antwort von dagger_pca:

Hi, it's definitely better and faster, but if nothing happens
I would suggest to you so if you have only the logo as a jpeg ...

The Picture on the track on the video track set. At best, it works out,
if you have a file that the dimensions, ie the Resolutionvon your
Video has. And since you positionierst the logo top right (in the Picture File)
anything you can with some names white cover (for luma key
later), or green or red, etc. (later for chroma key)

Then, when you have such a file, you put it on the video track and
walls at the ends of Pass Key. So it would s.bequemsten.

But if you have only the logo file, where the logo the entire surface of the
File fills, I would do Picture in Picture, if the background of
the logo is transparent (which I do not believe in jpeg's), respectively,
If the Picture has no gaps (that is Square)

Ehm, yes, I hope I've understood enough described;) if anything
is ask.


Antwort von Neueinsteiger:

Have now added by Title, New Title, Standard Stillimage a logo s.der right place. Now I'm in a white frame drumrum Logo (Logo JPEG from the internet) How I get away the frame and the logo, so to speak a little bit transparent?
Thank you


Antwort von dagger_pca:

hm, I must honestly admit, I have never done so ...
Just do luma key on the logo, select the white to make away
soft edge and make ne ...


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