Infoseite // Interior light corrected with Premiere Pro?

Frage von Luis959:

I have made an Interior of a speech. This, unfortunately, the speaker stands before a black curtain and the camera has the picture so distorted that the illuminated face of the speaker is too bright.
How can I fix it with Premiere Pro 1.5? Gamma Correction and Kontrast-/Helligkeitsanpassungen have brought nothing.
Somebody has an idea and how can I avoid this in future?


Antwort von universl:

Well, there schauts bleak. Can lighten dark passages to be, because if they are not too dark, one still has the contours, and Whitening / Color correction is not a problem dar. is something too light (overexposed), then you have a color unit and the contours are gone. If one now performs a gamma correction that has no effect, because the whole color / brightness differences / contours are gone.

If the Picture (not to be!) Is bright, then try this:

Repeatedly use the color correction filter.

You have indoors, try to turn back time and turn up something red and something blue contrast zurücknehmen.Probier something simple.

Should you begin to see outlines, then try a gamma correction.

Me Next Time:

Do you identify with something just a little bit (!) To dark before, does nothing to lighten it forever.

Use to prevent the zebra function of the camcorder to überbelichtetet bodies.

Have you no zebra function, then machs with the naked eye, as I said, rather than too dark, too light


Antwort von Nightfly!:

As a last resort, there is the chroma keyer.
With You simply set a hint of color.
These were the following tip: correction.html



Antwort von jasmin61:

I have made recordings that are too dark.
(Interior - where misserables light was letting people come into a room and run past s.der Camera). Have already tried various filter, but I was satisfied with none, although it was bright but did not look good anymore, what filter should I use a try and make it passable looks like?


Antwort von fabriquez:

Attempt to reconfigure it once with "Picture", "image control" and "keying". Where do you find everything you need, brightness, chroma, saturation, contrast, etc. Now you just have to try until you achieve a passable result.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Jasmine,

"Interior - where the light was lousy" does not mean "anything less exposed," but there was an extreme situation with generally weak against lighting. Your camcorder will have a maximum amplifies the image signal (gain), which should have led to visible noise. The colors are (in contrast to low underexposure) noisy and sometimes only dimly be present.

This can not be solved simply using Levels. - Otherwise, the camcorder can record the picture for the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) yes synonymous equally correct. ;-)


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