Infoseite // JVC GY HM100 takes the SDHC card does not?!

Frage von Floopy:

I bought one for my camcorder's 32 GB card of CnMemory and if I put them in order to play on it, then time it with only 0:00 to red, as if the card is full. When I press REC then, I get the message that the card should be full. But it is completely empty.

I have already formatted in the camera and it Hanelt is a Class 6, as not really a problem.

Does anybody know what can be.

Thank you ever



Antwort von mbwkrause:

Well, the obvious is probably: card broken. I would try it once with a reputable Manufacturer. And if the card of Ebay is: Because there are now more fake cards as original, you sometimes get the feeling. to the Class 6 classification can not rely on no-name cards synonymous.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

This could well be a card failure, but the safety check again whether the card in both slots, the camera shows the same error and a reset of the synonymous HM100 achieves nothing.


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