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Frage von Axess:


to create self-made music for a video I've done to me recently, the above-mentioned software. As source material for his own films, I have transferred several short clips from various DVDs in the calculator (with a ULead Software and the Grabster AV 400). This I then cut blinded, and replete with effects. So far, so good, then exported as mpeg2 and burned to DVD. Viewed on the PC everything is fine, but on DVD on television or video projector viewed jerky but it s.einigen points very clearly. How can this be? At the Resolutionoder the bit rate? I exported with the following settings mpegs: ResolutionPAL 720 x 576, with variable bit rate 7000 kbit / s max and 4500 / kbps on average, 4:3 aspect ratio.
Unfortunately, I know with video editing on a PC at all and had no idea of what I do wrong. Therefore, I am very grateful for any tip!



Antwort von Dieter C.:

So I have the same problem synonymous with Magix Video ....
If my cam then waving the jerky picture very violent.

During the editing on the PC everything looked normal, but the "burned" DVD was subsequently unusable.

Maybe because someone has an idea??

Greeting and thanks


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Axel, hallo Dieter,

views looking into the following contributions:
" DVD Burning


Antwort von isaak2:

There are three causes, the jerk at VdL some pictures. If the problem only when playing a DVD in on an external DVD player on, (when played on the PC everything is ok), then there is the internal s.einem
Error margins by VdL:
The Probelm can be resolved as follows 100%
1.the too rändernten movie in VdL with UNKROMMPRINIERT (edges large amount of data) and
2. Edges with an external CD burning software (eg Nero) to MPG file!


Antwort von Markus:

"isaak2" wrote: 1.the too rändernten movie in VdL with UNKROMMPRINIERT (edges large amount of data) ...
S.dieser body would not meet synonymous to export as DV-AVI? What does it mean when the video is uncompressed?

Related topic:
Uncompressed AVI is often confused with DV-AVI


Antwort von Dieter C.:

Jeisches ... that was almost a year ago!

Mitlerweile I've come with the following procedure, I am very satisfied:

Edit Magix what the whole cut / sound etc. is appropriate.

When everything is done then the whole export as DV-AVI.

Nero open one new project / film. There, this DV-AVI then import. Menu with Nero to create and then write all the "clutter" as MPEG2 with the highest quality on the hard drive.

When I need a new DVD then I let a new build of Nero (of hard drive to DVD).

Sounds complicated but to .... but the quality of what the Nero MPEG2 is far just very good!



Antwort von DjDino:

If it's jerky movements, usually only when the field order - Swap> Object Properties> Interlace/Deinterlace-> Properties interlace> "top / bottom field first". Should there, but "full screen" to be vormarkiert the material is deinterlace (frame) - then it can not be due.

The Ulead software has made this mistake, however, may:


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