Infoseite // Laptop requirements for HDV editing?

Frage von onin:

I want to buy me a laptop, with which I can cut (previously: AVID Express). What am I must pay to use it later for HDV editing synonymous to? Since miniDV is indeed likely ain outlet format, I have no desire to spend more money now for a laptop that I can use in 2 years no longer exists. Would be very grateful for any advice!


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

At the highest throughput (PCI bus, hard disks, graphics card )..., you let comparatively benchmark tests show ...


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

Graphics is not so important, right? To my knowledge it only uses the memory of the Premiere Pro graphics card. And if one is looking at is at Adobe in the recommended list, we see the same with the notebook is a bit difficult to get the right graphics card. But I think Premiere synonymous running without the recommended Grakas.
I bought a notebook from brief synonymous and HDV to think really has prevailed and will prevail at all, the laptop is out of date anyway. But the current HDV solutions, one has DuoCore paken.


Antwort von onin:

OK, first thanks for your answers! Was now again at Saturn and had luck with a finite time, good or well appearing consultant. A laptop that can do well HDV, his statement must have especially for a high frequency, at least 3 GHz. But these laptops are sauteuer, so I'm going to buy is now one that has 1,73 Ghz.

Is it really possible with HDV, Avid Express in a low Resolutionzu digitize, which then comes as the data of DV to high definition the same? I have little idea, and perhaps that is now a totally stupid question .... but that must be made synonymous ;-)

With thanks in advance for your answers, I


Antwort von AndreasBloechl:

There are indeed DuoCore the two processors are used simultaneously, and most video editing programs support the yes mittlerweilen already.


Antwort von wotan:

"ouin" wrote: .... so I'm going to buy is now one that has 1,73 Ghz.


No good idea to centrinos and so are mainly designed to preserve battery life and Office applications. ...
Moreover, what is the name with more than 3GHz are expensive? -If I am not mistaken, were normal laptops with processors always cheaper than with the Pentium-M!

Well, good luck and a lot of fun in any event


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