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Frage von MakkuZ:


Unfortunately I do not really know much about of video - and recording, so I turn s.euch.
I wonder if there is a certain spectrum of light or radiation which are of a video camera is recorded by the human eye but not erfassst. For example, the human eye, infrared radiation ...
The "light" should be superimposed in the video the real picture.

Hope you can help me:)


Antwort von xinon:


The whole is unfortunately very camera-Dependent.

Your question probably refers to the "filming protection" - but what?
The light should always be adapted to the objects - so well brauchts more info ...



Antwort von Debonnaire:

Electronic image sensors are, in addition to our eyes to the visible light into the infrared synonymous nor pure. Therefore, in most cameras, an IR-filter is installed. There used to cameras in which one could turn off this filter, so we (limited) could make nachtsichttauglich to as the "sham" of an infrared diode (a TV remote control contact) still images.


Antwort von WoWu:

@ MakkuZ
Quote: The "light" should be superimposed in the video the real picture.
The camera is pretty no preference whether the radiation lie in the visible, or, to the human eye, invisible field.
The sensor can record s.Photonen only a certain amount of landing. Do many photons from the "invisible" area is the capacity for "visible" charge be less.
Do you have so many "invisible" light components, the light output in the visible range will be correspondingly poor.
Sun superimpose something like "" that is organized in addition, there is not.
Therefore, such shares will be filtered out as possible, because they can be deducted from usable component of visible light.
The whole thing still has some effect on the signal to noise ratio and color reproduction, but that is probably not needed here.


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