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MAGIX Video deluxe 15 Premium

MAGIX Video deluxe 15 Premium

Frage von CommiXV:
September 2008

Hmm here and the Amazon description:

Manufacturer's product description
The Video Studio with fully equipped

The video package for upscale video deluxe 15 Premium includes everything you need for advanced video editing need. With the new premium package effect is the necessary accessories in order in a few minutes Special effects, animated or travel routes in the process own videos. As the sound of a video production is as important as the Picture, an extra rounds dubbing archive the complete package.

Consisting of 15 deluxe MAGIX Video Pros zusäzlichen and functions:
Routes # animation: Motion Studios Vasco da Gama 3 MAGIX Edition With many design options and in full HD quality. Created animated itineraries according to individual wishes to place on their own holiday films to present and involved.
# (*) Professional Studio Effects: proDAD Adorage Effect Package 1 This giant Special Effects Collection includes over 800 presets for spectacular and high-quality video effects for transitions, elaborate and spectacular alienations Video Picture-in-Picture Effects.
# XXL dubbing Archives The ideal complement for your recordings: With 500 exclusive sound effects, complete songs and selected samples is a huge sound archive available to any scene perfectly nachzuvertonen.

New Highlights:
# Multi-Cam Editing Two-camera recordings and live cut synchronously
# (*) Full-HD camcorder support (including AVCHD)
# Scene detection synonymous in retrospect on the basis of Time Stamps
# Unique video screen-capture function
# Seamless integration of video proDAD Adorage effects
# Creating of true multi-channel 5.1-surround sound with Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator
# New DVD Menuvorlagen on various occasions

What is it? A new cat in the old sack, or something really good.
The with (*) Features marked speak to me so very, HD editing so far has been really a pain!
But: Why is there only now a full HD support?

Questions about issues, what do you think?

Antwort von motiongroup:

Why is there only now a full HD support?

which had already existed since the 2007 version with the full does not always represent the full ...

Questions about issues, what do you think?

Magixforum and wait for the beta product on tap ... messages are already sufficient for about Troubles ..


Antwort von CommiXV:

In Magix gibts this forum is still no clear opinion, whether good or bad.

Hm, the first patch is already so much out there:

Important changes in version (video deluxe 15 [classic / plus / premium])
WMA-preview run as in previous versions without re-Wave Extraction
dynamic Zoomfahrten work again with subpixel accuracy
Crash during import of audio WMV without fixed
-no split at 1GB after BD Encoding Encoding a normal video DVD more
Bitmap Import Series accelerates
Video Monitor window now has a gray background, so clear in what aspect ratio the film exists
optimized snaps of each window
Fix: Playback may be worked only after the Stop and Play again
-Improved user interface in attitudes regarding the effect of selected objects
-Various bug fixes s.Effect / Keyframehandling
-Various bug fixes s.der Batch Recording
-Workaround for AVI files with incorrect Framesize
Drag-in / Drop of scenes trimmed from the video monitor or storage of the project is the stylized object in the correct draw length
Change s.Bereichshandling: Left click will start marker, moving with Ctrl + mouse
-minor improvements s.Markersprung-/Refreshverhalten when stopping
Fix for possibly missing refresh of the marker used for files in the Media Pool
Start-up dialog is always with the return-button close
Fix: under certain circumstances, let the program does not quit
Fix hang when pressing against various buttons when a menu was opened
-minor corrections s.der batch
Fix to crash when exiting the analog recording with ATI Vivo
Gap warning comes no more, if gap is smaller than a frame

and here the first user experience ....

Antwort von winlang:

Have never seen anything with Magix VdL had to do, but only occasional Pinnacle Videostudio7 experiences.
Now, however, I would need for a special project "upgrade". In this context, I am looking for someone who can tell me if with the new feature "Multi-Cam Editing Two camera synchronously recorded and live cut" the following is possible:
The requirement is that the two computer files of the two cameras in parallel each on a separate monitor play (to stop zurüpckzuspulen to a certain point repeatedly made in parallel from different perspectives to be). eg Monitor1 the Spur1 to see and to Monitor2 the Spur2?
- So has vdl15 on the surface of two player window, and could be in the use of 2 monitors on these two quasi-two monitors distribute? And is the picture quality when viewing it still acceptable?

Knows someone who someone who can say what about this ...?


Antwort von CommiXV:

After research revealed:

"no, video deluxe 15 has only one player window, the program monitor. two windows playing the synonymous to the two monitors could be distributed, there is only a video with X. But what do you want, even there would be difficult, as in video X one per monitor (monitor program) on the play of each project and the other monitor (source monitor) for the preview of material can be used. "


Antwort von winlang:

CommiXV - THANK YOU for your inquiry.
From an other forum, I notice on Premiere Pro 2.0 or CS3 with multicam-functionality, where the multicam monitor preview in 4 parts to be.

Greeting winlang

Antwort von CommiXV:

Hello winlang,

I sat down again expertly made of Video Pro X, MMN meets your requirement, but as I have on 2nd or for you 3rd Opinions invoked.
Kannst ja mal den synonymous Magix Support write what to say.

Antwort von geschi:

"winlang" wrote:
both DV files of the two cameras in parallel each on a separate monitor play (to stop zurüpckzuspulen to a certain point repeatedly made in parallel from different perspectives to be). eg Monitor1 the Spur1 to see and to Monitor2 the Spur2?

This is only with Video Pro X possible, ideally with 3 monitors.
1 = Spur1
2 = Spur3
3 = Timeline
and then the color of the two cam's mix, so no difference to remember.

Antwort von Sternschnuppe:

"CommiXV" wrote:

Manufacturer's product description

New Highlights:

# (*) Full-HD camcorder support (including AVCHD)

The with (*) Features marked speak to me so very, HD editing so far has been really a pain!

As I now had to learn, although you can edit AVCHD, but the result does not save! This is only available in MPEG2.

There is no preference Magix So whether you immediately converted to MPEG2 and then processed, or AVCHD natively processed and then stored in MPEG2. An MPEG2 you not pass!

The statement with the native AVCHD editing without Neucodierung seems to be a mere sham to be.

Everyone should ask themselves whether he really wants?

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Star
Have you ever tried to exert the Camera?

Antwort von Sternschnuppe:

"WoWu" wrote:
@ Star
Have you ever tried to exert the Camera?

What's the point? Do you know the camera turns back MPEG AVC and by constantly converting the material is better?

Is this the meaning of native editing?

Antwort von vaio:

What's the point? Do you know the camera turns back MPEG AVC and by constantly converting the material is better?

while off from the timeline is not converted. S.das suppose it is meant. But what about for color and title from? And is then synonymous allo possible in real time?


Antwort von recas:

Who can help?
I would like to eventually buy this program.
Now my question.
Effects of Prodat Adorage Vol 1 to 5.Nun I have read the program hat.Wie Adorage Adorage works ganze.Ist in section program involved with?
Next I would be more interested in whether synonymous Hollywood FX here synonymous detected.
Thanks and greetings

Antwort von geschi:

Yes your Adorage is embedded as a plug.
No, of the pineapple is not recognized.

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