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Frage von BasicMotion:

I have a question:
I propose to me soon the latest Magix editing program (version 16 Buy Premium) to. Addition, there is an HD cam, with which I will be filmed mainly (exclusively in HD).
My Calculator is already fairly powerful (I have the Medion Akoya 7300D here the link to the Technical Data:

Nun überlege ich, ob es notwendig ist, noch eine Video card of zB. matrox etc zu kaufen. Ist dies unbedingt notwendig? Recht es aus wenn ich einfach nur mein magix 16 aufspiele and meine HD Videos damit schneide?

Ein link to den technischen Daten of Magix Video 16 Premium findet ihr hier:
Or, even more extensive: video-deluxe-premium Jubil% C3% A4umsedition/dp/B002LF6RZ4/ref = pd_cp_sw_1

If you purchase me a video card is recommended, so I ask you, but the same time proposing a few cards that are not too expensive. So price-performance ratio, etc.
Cheap alternative, etc. etc. Best times already, thanks
Benny [/ url]


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello Basic Motion

I belong here, not to the experts, but since nobody else responded yet, I am an experimental times.

A special video card is no longer mandatory. Today, current Calculator are powerful enough. However, I do not now have dealt with thine. But he will indeed have Firewire, but otherwise is someting cheap to retrofit.

It may be special requirements - for example, for the most demanding type DV editing - where NLE editing cards still can play their strengths. This time you should still try the search function here. Otherwise, you still might help others here.

But next time I'll give you a link that is exactly debatiert in the list above. WARNING: The thread there is about 4 1 / 2 years old.

Since you you so synonymous still want to grow an HD-capable Cam, you should synonymous here to read the appropriate guide on slashCAM.

Otherwise, there are


Antwort von BasicMotion:

Hello! Danke schon mal for the quick reply. I will look at the links right out!
So the cam is already ordered.
Since I have had to edit videos, which are also synonymous with a SonyHDR FX1 has been filmed - but I still work with my Canon XM1, I thought that eventually it can cause problems when editing, since a video card decreases some s.Arbeit .

So if anyone has more accurate information on NLE editing cards, so bring it on :-)


Antwort von tommyb:

Forget "NLE editing cards. That there were times when the calculator was not yet powerful. There were "back then" synonymous DVD / MPEG2 cards with which one could look at DVDs liquid s.PC. But is there any more.

The only NLE editing cards which we are still in use today have such a professional inputs such as SDI. Also for the AVID there accelerators such as the MOJO. However, modern calculator can what these devices can be synonymous (have) just not appropriate interfaces.

More there is to say.


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