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Frage von siob:
April 2008


when I search on my forums have overlooked something, sorry ... Then it allowed me happy rebuke.

To my question:

I cut for years with Vegas (mal 'Movie Studio', mal 'Pro' demos) and am actually very happy with it BUT me about what the affordable versions really annoying is the limitation of the tracks.
After a long search and try out the various demos, I'm actually quite pleased with MAGIX Video deluxe of the 2008th

However, I have a few questions:
1. Is there in principle, the possibility of video tracks in their opacity, to change, or multiple video tracks such as additive to mix with each other? (sorry, 'had not much time for testing)

2. Does it necessarily the most recent version (if yes: Pros or Premium?) Or synonymous's doing an older man for the half on ebay can shoot? I cut only SD (16:9, but only SD).

3. Is the cut on the video tracks in all versions as easy as in the current demo (MAGIX Video deluxe 2008 Pros).

Please excuse these newbie questions but unfortunately the demo was not a manual for ... ;)


Antwort von miku:

That must be about any editing program on the attitudes of the transparency of a master track, otherwise you could not even make crossfades.
So obviously, the Magix synonymous in all versions

Antwort von siob:

... mmmh sounds somewhat logical ... (maybe I would have to sleep a little longer) ... erstmal danke!

Antwort von miku:

1. Yes. Simply fader in the middle of the video track (one of the small "boxes") down. (Also synonymous nor Keyframeanimator (Pro version) video level, and also: eg self-Alpha masks, etc.)
News? Nope. Previous 2007/2008 (ended with the last patch very well, or 2007) is doing it safely synonymous; Magix expected since October 2008 (and later synonymous) in the registered users upgrades at half price offer will be.
I would in any case to advise Pros version (has up to 99 tracks and some other useful trifles). Premium 2008 is nothing more synonymous than pros, but with the HD editing necessary codecs, which in the normal version of a charge must be released, and an additional sound archive of 500 sounds (on the DVD of pros but they are folders on the video, audio synonymous and supplements you already know how Magix is on 500).

The cut is available in all newer versions of Magix same.

Antwort von siob:

Wow, many for the very detailed answer! That helps me in any case next. However, I just what a:

For the pros, the versions of 5.1-codec etc. for 10 euros, or be activated? What does that because then at 'its reinstallation of Windows, can I simply re-enter my license, or because there's problems?

I'm sorry that the questions are so stupid but I've read that especially in the 2007/2008er version, licensing problems and you possibly renew his license, if you reinstall the system?

Antwort von miku:

According to program for hardware changes (in general remain the codecs but on the hard drive, synonymous when Windows is reinstalled) up to 3 times on "restore activation" in the program may be a codec.
ME but not the means, then that is final and must be newly purchased, but then that just e-mail or phone the problem must be solved.
As the premium is resolved, I do not know.
MPEG2 you have to like in the pros version free unlock synonymous. There is the same problem.
The "activation issues" arose in all newer versions of the same. Since it is through.

Antwort von siob:

Well yes it sounds as if this would be solved ...
Then I will again tonight 'nen test with the demo cars and then, if necessary my (many years) first-version Magix order! Thanks for the quick and detailed answers!

Antwort von Duisburger:

Do not forget to always take the PLUS version. If it is an older version that you can be synonymous with cheap Pearl.de order.

As a newcomer, I would but the actual 2008 premium take.

Antwort von siob:

Yes I am still undecided, until tomorrow, there's the premium for magix directly for 99.99 yes, - ... That would save some 20 Euros ... ;)

Antwort von miku:

Depends on what you want.
Should there be synonymous Dolby 5.1, Premium is certainly a good choice. 5.1 works in the issue only in PAL.
You do not cut in HD and need the other codecs do not. Have yet IClone2 this standard (Pros only SE), whose meaning I do not quite understand is, and the additional sounds.

I will not mention that my impression 2007/2008 Pros somewhat stable. In 2008 + you should already own the regular saving (the program creates auto backups every 10 minutes in) eight (occasional pressing Ctrl + S does not overwhelmed).
Minor quirks, all versions, but it remains within manageable limits.

From the current price of premium at Magix s.Deiner I would not put pressure on leave.
Amazon (and synonymous with other Internet providers to see price search engine) is the price usually lower than the official price of Magix (then save you stop later only eg 15 instead of 20 EUR).

Antwort von siob:

Yes, I think that the stability synonymous a bit more hardware-dependent, so that not every system with a priori certainty of say ... and that the Ctrl + S keys should operate more frequently, hab 'ich in Photoshop sessions learned, unfortunately, out and back on the capabilities of my hardware beyond ...

But relating to back: I now have a few hours with the demo + rumgespielt and again direct comparison with the current home user version of Sony Vegas daring and am now really convinced of Magix. Okay, the editing takes a little longer but I think after 'its short acclimatization klappt's it and if I have the premium growth, I have actually more than one of a' favorable 'Video Editing software can be expected.

I thank you for the fast and friendly assistance and the detailed response to my sometimes stupid questions right!


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