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Frage von merlinuwe:

Hello my dears,

I're newest MAGIX Video Deluxe 2006th When I record a video, the program automatically scenes. (Due to sudden changes in motion and color.) But then there is still synonymous "takes". Serve synonymous detection of scene? Erstllen And why do I takes when I already had down in the timeline or storyboard mode ready scene?

Many thanks already times in advance,



Antwort von stantorley:

Hi Merlin,
Your questions are getting old, but nobody told you you have new geantwortet.Da VDL, you can not have enough need help!

So First of the car. Scene detection:
I turned them long ago. Who comes to light and dark scenes? On further processing you have to interlocking only more trouble all together at the (scenes) overview zuverlieren.So not you daktivierst the auto. Scene detection:
Go to recording. There you will find an option:
Bearbeitenung after Recording.Klicke trauf.Dann delete the check mark in auto. Scene detection.

Takes: Takes in VdL is an (empty) Verzeichnis.Du there can all the clips (picture + sound) into copie (drag). This is not only for storage, if you need the clips later, but you can the clips into a new project ziehen.Also exchange between two shooting material.
But there is, in my experience a problem:
You want (by Maki) Takes multiple clips in a group
Favorites, so they then copied 1:1 into a new Project.
If you are in the Taksfenster after the draw into the group are only ONE Picture is everything but gut.Erscheint each clip as a single image (which often happened to me) then it is useless to 1:1 copies of a new Project (film) to make. The solution:
1.Copiere the selected material to the clipboard.
Open with STR + N is a Project and add ews with STR + V, the material from the clipboard again.
Wish you much joy with VdL!


Antwort von prem:

Synonymous Perhaps we should add that we generally take as many sub-directory synonymous, and this in itself can create these directories do not even Clipps be saved but only the relative space-saving cutting instructions.


Antwort von Spell:

The notice of our guest is wichtig.Du fact can safely delete the clips in the takes. The clips themselves (the movie) is not lost.
But that is synonymous vice versa. If you have the source movie) deleted (avi or mpg, but you still find the clips, but they are of course no longer usable.
And another note:
The difference between saving the file to the clipboard and Takesverzeichnis is:
The clipboard is cleared when you VDL includes the Takesclips bleiben.So you always have access to each new Project.

Who does not just have the Plus version, in which the directory is empty synthesizer. This directory is synonymous work.


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