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Magix Video Deluxe 2006 silver today free of rudi - 14 Dec 2005 11:22:00
Our colleagues of the chip online editors have allowed themselves to think of something really nice Christmas: A full version download Advent Calendar. And just today (ie, s.14. Is December) to get there, the Magix Video Deluxe 2006 Silver Edition for free download. Yes is denn scho Weihnachten?

to news reporting


Antwort von Niklas F:

Has anyone experience with the program?
Would like a friend who is looking for a simple solution to capture DV, cut and put on DVD.
Thanks, Niklas


Antwort von MiXMaster:

'm Not sure that MPEG 2 is not there eineschränkt ...


Antwort von Markus:

Niklas @

Look in the post software-choice, there are mentioned some of Programs. If you decided for one, look here in the forum on the problem messages in order to exclude the less eligible Programs. ;-)

" Magix Video Deluxe oder Premiere Elements?
" Magix Video Deluxe improving: 2005/2006 picture quality? (And Link there)

* edit *
Oder schau mal hier:
FireWire FAQ">8. Which the recordings are edited and burned to DVD for example?


Antwort von Voltz:

"Anonymous" wrote: 'm Not sure that MPEG 2 is not there eineschränkt ... True, this is precisely the rub s.der "Silver Edition".
For Antesten I think it's ok but synonymous.


Antwort von MiXMaster:

I tried Silver Edition. With my installation is only as Export MAGIX Video or Windows Media.


Antwort von Fan29:

That's what I geschriben! * g *

Not only that!
I alde me the program down precisely synonymous, but I am considering to cancel the download ;-)
The following features are restricted (from the chip-forum:
Quote: Arrangers & Content

- Maximum 4 Video - 4 audio - and 4-tracks tracks

- No automatic scene detection

- Fewer audio - and video-effect samples


- Fewer panels / frame

- Less styles in the Show and Movie Maker

- Image Restoration: Only sharpness Optimization

- Sound restoration: denoising Only

- No image stabilization

- No trimmer (object-and-cut trimmer)

- Less Effect video combinations

- No Audio Effects

- Less Title Effects

- No video controller

Export / Video -CDs/DVDs Create

- No-export MPEG (MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4)

- Burn no Menugestaltung for disc

- No burning of video - and S-Video CDs, and (mini) DVDs

- No more than playing off analog video output

- Less export format: Only MXV (Magix video), DivX (with DivX encoder installed), WMF (Windows Media format) and WAV (audio-Export)


Antwort von wolfgang:

Yes, in truth, the test's just a slightly souped-up version - which is indeed ok, because it is free. For experimenting with the thing, of course, sufficient in each case. But much more is it not well.

And that there is no mpeg encoder inside, is all too understandable: for the payment Magix probably stückabhängige royalties - so you will not for a reinhängen the free version.

The only thing that might irritate me s.Magix principle is the special ability to wmv authoring. But even with this version is not synonymous ...


Antwort von Frank B.:

Recently had similar views on it on a sowas ZeitschriftenCD with. It may have been synonymous, the 2005 version. In any case, the program was of no use for me. I prefer to let their fingers off of those stripped-down versions of advertising, especially since I have some "very good" editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0, Pinnacle LE 6.1). Meanwhile synonymous the full version of Magix Movie Edit Pro Pro 2006, incidentally, also for free. Nope, not pirated, but as the price of slashcam. Arrived yesterday for me. Again, many thanks s.dieser body s.Euch. Who is already online chip? o)

Gruß Frank



Antwort von hannes:

"I prefer to let their fingers off of those stripped-down versions of advertising, especially since I have some" very good "cut programs

I synonymous!
Had some time and tried to install it:

Scene separation does not work, but marking.
Then you can cut. AAAAB ..

Effects can not be set, one must take as they come
No sound on the timeline of clips, of WAV yes.
No rubber bands to sound setting.
No preview available on DV .....

Nope, nothing like back down!
Hopefully this is all about. I damn bad experience with previous versions made. Bind very deeply into the event book.

My Conclusion:
2 x MAGIX, 2 x is not satisfied.
A 3rd sometimes it will not exist.


Antwort von Damien:

Since I do not agree with you ...
The new MAGIX (2006) is really the best Einsteigervideorpog and can compete well with even more expensive!


Antwort von jens:

"Damien" wrote:
The new MAGIX (2006) is really the best Einsteigervideorpog and can compete well with even more expensive!

Hi Damien,
how well do you know the "expensive"?
To what extent do you justify your claim (you do not like totally wrong, certain things can be sure) synonymous video deluxe afford?


Antwort von MPZ:

I have 2004/2005 DeLuxe Pros - Spiffy program with sufficient opportunities for Otto Normalfilmer

Gibts already in the full version for about 25 euros .... video-deluxe-2005-Pros-NEW-OVP_W0QQitemZ7204092648QQcategoryZ39293QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


Antwort von Eggerl:

certain things can be sure) synonymous video deluxe afford?
Jens [/ quote]

Hi Jens

How well do you know VideoDeluxe?



Antwort von jens:

Good enough to know that you can easily cut it and it runs quite stable (in contrast to what one hears of the Studio users see above). Tampered few years ago, I once did a test basis synonymous with Vegas Video.
As an introduction this is surely 'ne round thing. Even if the encoder, I was not quite so hot.

I think it is now useless to enumerate s.dieser body what it Video deluxe in contrast to the "expensive" programs is lacking (One manufacturer sites, please ...).

My above statement was referring rather to the fact that a flat was said, Magix was in a squad with let's say, Premiere Pro, Vegas and their ilk. Anyone who cites such comparisons, they should justify synonymous.

So I do not mean to disparage all those Magix satisfied users.
One should always deal cautiously with a little hasty assertions.


Antwort von Jan:

"Anonymous" wrote: 'm Not sure that MPEG 2 is not there eineschränkt ...

Even the full version (Pros) has made plenty of problems, my SonyDVD Mpeg2 movie completely reduced to the timeline:

DVD 92 or 202 processing



Antwort von DD:

hello with at another time, I'm asking, there is synonymous neh neh test version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2006


Antwort von kerberos:

There is, however, save and export are disabled.

So really not suitable for testing because you do not see how the quality of the result.



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