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Frage von cheekybit:

Hi her.

I am new to digital film editing and is now sitting in front of two programs, both of which I do not really know:

MediaStudio Pro 8 VERSUS Pros Pinnacle Studio 9

Perhaps someone might help me in my decision.
Which program is good for more?
Which program has the advantages?

About a little help I would be very happy.



Antwort von Peter S.:

For masochists: Pinnacle Studio
Back to work: Media Studio Pro
MFG Peter


Antwort von Gast:

"The new Pinnacle Studio 10 is the most comprehensive, most powerful and easiest to use video editing solution on the market."
have with the security of version claimed synonymous 9th

Now I can tell you two things:
1. I used the program does not ever seen before.
2. I even know the only reason that there is this program because I constantly read somewhere how terrible it is.

times think about it ...


Antwort von Don:

Okay, it is 2:0 for Ulead.

Maybe you'll find here was positive on Pinnacle:

3:0 for Ulead, because I (personally) would be synonymous of Pinnacle advise :-(


Antwort von No Good:

Oh, did you catch me at the wrong time! Because it is already 3-0. Unfortunately, I must tell you: 4:0!

Okay, I'm biased, but you've asked for assistance. Synonymous I can only speak for myself (and my experience), and I then use version 7. It was the only time that I had to do with Pinnacle because a friend asked me to help him (with ITS Pinnacle Studio) to. The thing is permanently lubricated (that's the only thing I can remember - Sorry)

I think this statement says, but something synonymous:
"Another user here in the forum" wrote: Strangely, the stability of S10 has improved, I feel more. That not everything works as it should be.


Antwort von thommi1980:

Quote: MediaStudio Pro 8 VERSUS Pros Pinnacle Studio 9

If anything, MSP 8 vs PS10.5 Pros ...

The latter has only a maximum of two video tracks which must be no disadvantage is very intuitive, leads to fast results, it can quite excellent HDV footage to edit and create slideshows synonymous with the genail to use PAN & ZOOM ..., runs very well on ordinary tidy Intel / Intel systems.

MSP8 means he must present themselves professionally, can work with many video tracks, but extremely laborious and time consuming, so Beginners will quickly lose the desire.


Antwort von wolfgang:

Yes but give the small Pinnacle Studio software a chance! And when it is only to be cleared of the plate!

5:0 for Ulead MSP8 ...


Antwort von Voltz:

Eieiei .... there is again pulled through Pinnacle. ;)
Certainly not entirely wrong, but sooo bad it is again not synonymous ann.


I would not leave me this s.deiner place on the opinions and personal views of others. You yourself have to work with it. And since all located s.Markt Programs vary considerably even in the handling of each other, you should put more emphasis on it. From the functionality to do as all about the same.

In addition to MSP, there is still the "non-boarding Pro Versionzum.
Have you tested the synonymous times?

Other competitors that you should look to you are:
Magix Video deLuxe Elements and Adobe Premiere.

Get you s.Besten the 30-day trial versions and see how you come to cope.


Antwort von Markus:

"Voltz" wrote: Get you s.Besten the 30-day trial versions and see how you come to cope.
Hi All,

that would be simultaneously to test the stability. On some machines, Pinnacle Studio is supposed to run fairly well. However, I am synonymous biased, since I have no other software so much negative reading. ;-)

Very important while testing of software do I find a decent Calculator preparation. (It is indeed synonymous pulls the door behind him, not without taking the key). So my tip to create: Image!

Learn More:
Information and links relating to Image



Antwort von cheekybit:

Hi you!

Thank you for your clear opinions! I think I'll probably stay at erstmal MSP8. Wurschtel me through that is like for complicated programs.

So far, however, I had thought that Programs that look complicated, offering more synonymous. So far, my experience could not confirm this yet, unfortunately. I'm somewhere else already started a different theme: "DVD-menu navigation. Perhaps because I learn something new yes. :-)

Oh yes, with me running the way round and Pinnacle crashes less s.als Media Studio. Use Windows XP.



Antwort von wolfgang:

Well if you are familiar with the Studio software content, then stay here yet! Where is the test?

Only because we keep hold of this software less, this does not mean that they are for you, perhaps not yet the right software: you indeed have to work with, not us.


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