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Frage von bippi:

Hello, who can help.
I walked with my Pinnacle Studio 9 Video 8 movies in the Mpeg2 format. Now I want to cut a more or MPEG `s join, or to adjust them to a CD.
If I try with TMPGEN, the expired Mpeg2 decoder.
Since the films are already in this format, which is synonymous with no re-coding?
Thanks for the help

Greeting Bippi


Antwort von Gast:

In TMPEGEnc on the File menu, MPEG Tools ... , open the Select Merge & Cut ¨ (= cutting and assembly). This is synonymous if the MPEG-2 license has expired. Merge & Cut is not an encode.


Antwort von Voltz:

Why do not you do that directly with S9?
Therefore, the software is still there.


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

I can well understand that you only can create MPG2 with TMPG. Which is really better like the encoder of S9.

Why do not you post a project and insert the files in the series after one. Studio 9 Renders this s.einer some new version. I just know not by what the update was, because I now Work with LE.


Antwort von Voltz:

"Udo Schröer" wrote:
I can well understand that you only can create MPG2 with TMPG. Which is really better like the encoder of S9.

You certainly right, Udo, but that is not there! Bippi writes that he / she creates with S9, the MPEG-2 files and then they would then join with TMPEnc.

Since then can get high no more.

As recommended, I would add the two MPEGs into a new project - done.


Antwort von bippi:

Only time thanks for the AW `s.
I once tried it now and cut and merge with the following problem.
Then I can join the movies only Mpeg1, when I cut the problem that I have no picture to it (zusammengefügz under MPEG1 system for automatic). How am I supposed to join sensible to separate them later s.der right place?
I still need the MPEG2 encoder?


gruß Bippi


Antwort von Voltz:

Merge & Cut?
I'm afraid I do not understand what you really want to do.

According to your description you have eigelesen your two videos with S9, and then it's 2 MPEG rendered. Now you want to join the two into a file.

For this you open in a new S9 Project and pull the two previously created MPEGs to the storyboard or the timeline to edit the whole again (synonymous or not) and create a new derived either MPEG or whatever always synonymous (VCD, SVCD, DVD) .

The MPEG2 encoder is in the way, S9 at it.


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