Infoseite // NV-GS 180 + vegas video = shaky image

Frage von Toona:


I was with a Panasonic NV-GS 180 in urlaub filmed and will now edit the video. when I use the camcorder directly s.den TV then the picture looks really good.
if I do, however, with vegas video was edited and then as svcd or dvd render and burn on the TV set and watch it from totally cruel. the image flickers (as if one is even worse than one would have 50hz tv .. but it is a 100Hz TV set) and it looks like as you would in the pan as many people to see .. I do not know what I should explain ... the man is simply not sharp.

I have no explanation .. had never had other problems and with a jvc cam what ever dealt with vegas and everything was super. habs than pal svcd mpeg2 rendered ..
gecapturete somehow, the material on the computer even funny ... television and computer even though of course no comparison is eh ..
've been in Vegas with the field order and deinterlace method rumprobiert but it helps nothing ... maybe it's synonymous the right combination of settings I can not find out ....

because it is on the TV set connected with cam looks good so I can exclude that it s.der cam s.sich or the tape is ..

I would be really happy if one can help me!

Thank you,



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Nils,

I had a false Halbbildreihenfolge typed. Check it out if the Field Order in capturing, in the project setting, in the edition or the MPEG2 compression in somewhere is swapped?

Option 2: Do you have the Picture perhaps scaled?


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