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News:Pinnacle Studio 10 vorgestellt

News: Pinnacle Studio 10 unveiled

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2005

Pinnacle Studio 10 unveiled
Of blip - 1 Sep 2005 19:18:00
Avid Technology announces Pinnacle Studio 10 "- that sounds a little unusual. But what heck, the facts: There will be two versions," Studio "for beginners and" pros Studio "with more features for advanced users. Both solutions are, despite new functions to be simple in handling, because the 3-step method "Record", "Edit" and "playing off" remains completely intact.

Studio version 10:
Studio version 10 provides features such as built-in DVD authoring with animated menus and navigation as well as individual Pan and zoom. This allows to create video slideshows from digital photos. The function SmartMovie II makes it possible to produce videos about auto and thereby cut styles, music genres and select in advance. Effects and its preview will be created in real time. Video content can be transferred directly to DVD and video, photos and music files may be manager clearly organized with drag and drop with the newly integrated Pinnacle Media.

Pros Studio version 10:
Version 10 of studio pros, in addition to the classic studio features additional features such as picture-in-Picture and Chroma Key effects (green screen) and especially the import, edit and output of HD material, to create synonymous of HD slideshows from megapixel photos. Users can also use real-time effects with keyframe preview and choose from numerous standard - and bonus effects and transitions, all of which are format independent (SD and HD). The results can be displayed in full Resolutionauf a primary or secondary computer monitor. Studio Pros is also included in Studio Media Suite !", a complete software suite for burning of photos, audio and CD / DVDs.

In addition to these four hardware software solutions are offered that are shipped with either Studio or Studio Pros. This allows the content of DV - and analog video cameras and editing of VHS video recorders. With the hardware synonymous projects may be restored in digital video cameras and various analog devices. Similarly, a real-time previewing on a television monitor or test on the PC or notebook can be represented.

The Pinnacle Studio version 10 solutions are s.October available. Suggested retail prices: Studio V.10 59, - Euro, studio pros 10 99, - Euro, Studio Media Suite 129, - Euro. An upgrade is expected to s.end for October 49, - Euro on Studio Pros will be available. The prices of the hardware solutions are between 99 - and 199, - Euro.

Antwort von Martin:

It seems to me pretty after a dummy package that are but most of the features described already known from Studio (Pros) 9. Only the HD feature is new - but on what medium can I burn today?


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

You play on a provisional basis from the PC via DVI to a HDready. Synonymous but can use a network player for it. The preview is synonymous and the new base engine is now of Liquid Edition!

Antwort von Hitz, Tom:

Program is a disaster. Problems installing, Unlock.
The program keeps crashing. It is to be loaded like an update. What does not work. Additional programs may well be fitted with a plug, but will not be approved and blocked with NERVmeldung. Handling miserable. Support only brings BLABLA. Old Studio 9 Plus version for a boon.

Antwort von MiXMaster:

If it is really so, then why is Slashcam not identical to the result?

Antwort von AndyZZ:

"Anonymous" wrote:
If it is really so, then why is Slashcam not identical to the result?

Slashcam here only because the press release quoted.



Antwort von prem:

I had / have problems synonymous with Pinnacle Studio Pros (for 49 euros in the media market.) When installation is the bonus CD is not detected. The program crashes occasionally.
Unlocking of premium products is corrosive. One can not even get a title text to show the film without disconnection of premium packages. I ordered Premium Pack Vol1.1. Email from the service: "Delivery Oct. 31" ?? (a joke, what year? as long as I do not want to wait). Too bad the program is easy to use otherwise. Own a Canon DC20 and the movies to be gespeichrt MiniDVD. Import the scenes of MiniDVD into the program, simply and quickly. Burn then jump my HD movies directly from the program, on DVD. With quality sound and I am absolutely satisfied.
Greeting s.alle.

Antwort von Max.3:

Also I only have problems with the program Studio 10 with Ipdates pros now on 10.5.2. The program crashes always s.and unmotivated by the support I get no help. I am now very much regret that I have used this program for editing my movies. But can not back because the images are recorded.

Antwort von gerdi:


Perhaps I can help a yes, I'm an absolute Beginners. I've just created a menu and would like to have additional anchor brands. So I have created yet another chapter disc manual, the Pinnacle on other menu pages bears have, therefore, now 4 Menublätter, of which I actually only use the first one. Unfortunately, the program jumps to a "back to the menu" to always mark the last Menuseite and not on the first. Can I set this somehow?

Thank you very much


Antwort von rodi:

Perhaps this tip is a help to you:


Antwort von biber65:

I've got to be a customer of DELL NB (Inspiron 9400 Centrino Duo), because he realized after the installation of Studio 10 on the camcorder any more.

NB newly placed and only the barest necessities with Drivers and update installed. Studio 10 is installed and the camcorder were gone.

As a test install on my NB on a TEST partition and away my partition in the boot manager! Was!

In a roundabout way to copy NTLDR again to the test partition and the partition I was able to log back into my boot manager and restart. Now the Test with the camcorder, which ran in front of Studio 10, started and then it was synonymous to address.

So DELL NB made with the XP CD to the new NTLDR raufkopiert, launched and then connected the camcorder. And lo and behold, now he could see and speak about Studio synonymous 10th

Studio 10, must therefore somehow have the NTLDR shot, where it has even really looking for anything. NB Both are equipped with Windows XP Media Center Edition, and synonymous to date, if one asks.

And as for the freezing, when it comes to DUAL core CPUs, there is a patch of MS, could be under the hotfix KB896256 is the download. There's about a meter, which is run separately for each CPU and the power management is used. If change is now a task of a CPU to the next and back, the count is not the same and the program freezes. Should be installed in any case the described problem, because he who is coming with only the SP3 to the users.

Greetings from the far north


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