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Frage von J.:

Good day!

I have a problem with which I unfortunately had to do now, never to be, and namely:
I was recently asked to mitzufilmen a concert. Have I done everything synonymous, usnoch before the concert, the sound controller set properly on my XM2, but it is now so after I received the video on the PC that I have noticed that the bass was so strong that I each times when the player strikes a dull hum in the video had (either hum or crackle).

Now I wanted to know if there is a possibility found in Premiere this effect to remove or at least minimize, since it focuses on the long but is a bit disturbing. I have not so far off so much messing around, because until now I never really struggled with sound problems.

Thank you in advance for an answer!


Antwort von Gast1:

Is probably difficult if not impossible. Premieres filter alone is not likely enough.

Look at these views to Page:
And there, particularly the section to remove noise or mains hum. The same method can you possibly apply to your problem.
Today, incidentally, is called Cool Edit Adobe Audition, I would not be surprised if it exists as a trial.


Antwort von steveb:

there is no chance ... if it is overridden ertsmal or so-called clippingeffekte, the recording ... sorry mess.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Noise" and is "remove AC hum" for example, with Adobe Audition, no problem, because there is something "Regular" is. The program can analyze the signature of the noise and then they filter away the entire sound clip. Works perfectly!

With a snap of oversteer or short it is different:
Steveb As has rightly said, you get clipping out any more. Is like a digital picture (or video Stillimage) the tone 255-255-255 Pure white or pure black has reached 0-0-0 and you think there still rausholen drawing can not go! There is nothing! Just as with oversteer through the magic 0 dB no "drawing" is more in the sound.
By cracking the situation is slightly different because it is possibly still in the range below 0 dB (moves if you're lucky) and therefore is not overridden. The problem here is that you can perform a little Störgeräuschanalyse, because it is simply a short, annoying impulse. In Adobe Audition you can in Spektralform editor (ie not achieved in the waveform editor) Amazing, if you know how. However, you need to bump off each separately retouch ".

The decisive factor in digital sound recordings, the most perfect dowries is already in the recording. When I film theater or concerts, I can put up prior to play the loudest passages of 1:1 and Pegler me on this, so I can not get above 0 dB. Rather have a consistently clean recording with good sound equipment that is rather too quiet (Amplify is easier, even if subsequently as a management drone would have to be globally filtered) as an off oversteer to be!

Have fun and Gück!


Antwort von mkrawietz:

Greeting folks!

I have the problem (now resolved almost):
I'm in the Internet a program called WavePurity found which can wegretuschieren the noise and error. Now, the "booming" bass has dropped to a tolerable level.

Very handy all!

Thanks again for the answers.


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