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Frage von Wedding_HDV:

Hello everybody,

CS3 version, I had the option of using the menu "Audio gain" the sound to "normalize". These were the absolute top and increasingly determined by the sound of this material, or steamed. Now there is not this feature in CS4 and fifth Now I have to guess the data indicate Db and manual. For me, it then takes quite a long time to get the right was allegedly Db.

Is there a more subtle function? How do I use the Audio Gain correctly in versions 5 and CS4?



Antwort von srone:

cs4 +5: audio reinforcement to the rightclick in the time line on the audio clip you choose, then the third top of page "maximum angle to 0 (step adjustable) db" select the Set db value to -0.3.
which corresponds to normalize the usual, but I use to advise a ton-ing. -0.3 Instead of 0.0 dB, the volume loss is minimal, especially clippingvermeidung synonymous with subsequent processing, only better.




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