Infoseite // Of (DVD) recording of videos from DVD drive to PC hard drive possible?

Frage von Mannimanaste:


Perhaps someone knows if it's possible to have a recording that is available to burn to a DVD on the PC - DVD drive with the help of Magix first record on the PC hard drive, and then secondly, synonymous with the help of Magix Video Deluxe 2005/2006 ? postprocess?

The Recording Studio Dialogue various sources are mentioned, but the DVD drive of your PC is not there ...

Thanks in advance for your help
Martin Kiechle


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Martin,

try this: Open the Explorer and copy the files of the DVD to your hard drive. Then rename the file extension of *. vob to *. mpg. Now import the MPEG videos on Magix.

In many cases this works in some non-synonymous. In principle, the DVD is a distribution medium, and no basis for the DV editing.


Antwort von Mannimanaste:

Hi Mark,

first time many thanks for your answer!
Have not gotten around to trying it (much to have the ears), but once I tried it, I'll still write you sometime and tell me whether it works this way.

Best regards,


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