Infoseite // PREMIERE PRO Interlace "Stairs" PROBLEM! PLEASE HELP!

Frage von STIPE:

hello, have the following problem and desperation synonymous slowly.

So I have material from DV miniDV camcorder
with Premiere Pro (and synonymous with later win movie maker)
captured. my goal was just the project as a WMV file to
export. so and so that roam hässligen of the fields
disappear, I have the half assembled.

following problem: it looks still s.einigen sure not really streak, but rather steps. and somehow I do not warring away.
what have I done wrong ??????

Hierner screenshot to illustrate:

(ps: if ichs dvd export to minimize these steps, but they are closer hinsehn still visible)


Antwort von wadik:

hmm try it with better times quallität I do not think this is still halbbliderrre with what to do and who can stop the adobe is not as perfect times I think ........


Antwort von Markus:


export the DV - video premiere times than normal DV-AVI without any Halbbildveränderung (ie with fields). Then compress the video file with Windows Media Encoder and deinterlacing enabled.

The fact that a staircase structure in some DV video s.Computermonitor remains visible, it is quite normal. After all, the video resolution not excessive. At 640 × 480 pixels (4:3 and 16:9 letterbox) but it should be ok.

Ten hours after your question is similar:


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