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Frage von Niklas Cam:

Hello experts, after I've tried a lot and have searched the internet, I still have no solution to my problem. I am very new to the field of video editing etc.

Panasonic NV-GS230 with a miniDV tape with Final Cut Pro 5.0 in Format 'avi uncompressed capture via FireWire.

1. Once he says to me "There have been rendered images found" and stops the recording. When I disabled the option, so that it no longer stops with exuberant images, the camera plays the tape suddenly in ultra-SlowMotion from.

2. At the end of the recordings, he says to me "The audio sample rate of your media files is wrong with the sampling rate on the initial band agreed." and actually are audio and video track in the subsequent video playback synchronously. I had selected the option that video and audio tracks are to be separately secured. Nevertheless, it should work synchronously ...

3. In the "Audio / Video Settings" of Final Cut Pro, I am a bit lost. I have with my Panasonic recorded as 16:9. What settings should I choose to "sequence" and "Studio" (which is really the difference?) To create uncompressed avi, which I can then edit?

Thank you very much!



Antwort von jazzy_d:

"uncompressed avi" definitely need a fast RAID in order to be able to process real time. Make simple DV-AVI in the capture, because you do not "more" on the tape. Final Cut Pro, I do not know.


Antwort von Niklas Cam:

- Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro
- And, DV-AVI, I have not in the list. The default that I have, is now uncompressed avi and in the "Audio / Video Settings" of Final Cut Pro, I have the following options, which unfortunately I am not sufficiently familiar. Which should I choose to "sequence" and what in "Studio"?


Antwort von Niklas Cam:

Can I help None until now?


Antwort von pailes:

I can possibly help you:
The problem with AVI is that it is a native Windows format. Final Cut Pro as a Mac-only tool that you will (IMO) of course does not allow such material as a store, if synonymous Quicktime AVI files to a certain extent, can read and thus synonymous Final Cut Pro can process AVI files.

In order to solve your problem I suggest you before the footage with a tool of your choice into a Mac-native format (. Mov or. DV) to capture (which need not be Final Cut Pro, iMovie synonymous can be used) and convert the data retrospectively with Quicktime Pro into an AVI. Quicktime Pro, you have a Final Cut Pro users and car you can place the data on the Quicktime player to read and convert.

Extend "uncompressed" AVI makes sense, I can not quite understand, because the files are really huge and in addition are still interlaced. I would rather suggest the whole as an AVI with DV-PAL codec to store or such.


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