Infoseite // Pinnacle 10 Studio Pros - Frame problems p.53

Frage von mahalkita:

When movie always breaks Pinnacle after 53 (or 54) of frames from XX! That's certainly an attitude thing, but I find nothing.
Who can help how?

Thanks + Ciao


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Times it must look at the timeline is either a gap or a clip / picture / sound is bad. Draw times the timeline completely apart and came to look, do something away and try again.

Good luck!


Antwort von mahalkita:

Thank you, but there is nothing. I note that there is always at about 6 Mb (approx. 53 frames) hangs .......


Antwort von Starter:


sowas synonymous, I have finally seen my mistake was that I Taskmanager "Studio. exe" "real time" was assigned.

When I returned to "high" have converted gings problems.

Maybe you use something ...


Antwort von mahalkita:

Thanks, but unfortunately synonymous uses nothing ......


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