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Pinnacle Studio 10.7-Film und Ton Trennen,und den Ton als Wav oder ? speich

Pinnacle Studio 10.7-Film and Sound Separation, and the sound as a wav or? Save

Frage von MP:
April 2007

Hi friends,

Following problem:
1-in recording, I have the full overridden ton now, I try again just to turn, now someone has given me his help offered
but he would like him I Small (TON) pieces and send by mail s.ihm. How do I do it can someone please help me because I have little idea of the editing software did.

2. Together playing Pinnacle 10.7-SonyDSR 11 (DV CAM Recorder)
Dsr transferred 11 to the PC no problem pinnacle of control from synonymous OK. Blos render up after the band sound and no picture as I said the device will angeschteuert (DSR 11 responded to I suppose) Nothing Picture Top Black only.


Antwort von rodi:

the sound can be separated from the video and as a wave file to save.
After reading click HERE
Below you will find the instructions.
Then you can start with an audio editor, sound editing, but if the sound is distorted, you have no chance to get properly added.

Antwort von MP:

Hi Rodi,

I am grateful, I will try.


Antwort von rodi:

Hello MP,
Yesterday evening, I tried it again. It is harder to describe than to implement.
Here is the abridged version:
A destination folder for the wav file up
Clip in the Timeline and select lay
Select Create this AVI file and set user click
Checkmark next to "Embed Video" wegklicken
will be ok with the wav file created

Good luck and a nice greeting

Antwort von snoffi:

It is synonymous easier!
Auduosüur block erase video, export to file.

Project NOT save, everything else is gone

Antwort von rodi:

Hello Guest,
I have tried to follow your simple method. But in my studio S10.7 plus - version I have no possibility of export as wav-file was discovered.
It would be nice if you would more accurately describe.

In this way, and it might be used but only as the soundtrack and not stx save as wav.

But one thing I know my description wav creation works and is at least as easy.


Antwort von Hadock:

Tach synonymous,
'm new here and I must first find,
after endless - unsuccessfully - attempts at Pnnacle one - speaking - to get people, I try my problem with Pinnacle Studio 10 on this forum zulösen.

In P. 10.7, I have a film edited, Toneffecte images and neatly put together, as I wished.

Meanwhile, I have File, Save Project, made a backup.

Now: I have the film in the edit bar (film strip) marked and deleted, because I go to another movie merely wanted to draw edit .!!!!! Nu is the first film not to be found .....

If all the work around vain. Only with total commander which I find myself in an unknown directory Filmauschnitte the individual movie file.

Who can help me please, I understand some of the basic process at Studio 10 seems not.

mfg hadock

Antwort von Hollgo:

Do you have the Project as synonymous create (render) can (as an AVI or MPEG), or just saved the project and completed?

You do not have the source material mistakenly deleted?
This goes beyond the studio so not really, at least not on the album view.

Antwort von Hadock:

Hi Hollgo,

Starting material was a film, which I of the V-Camera on the calculator had copied - avi, 15.7 GB -.
Therefore, I then removed individual film segments and in the film strip (think the bottom part is called so) that, with header, text and sounds and provide the meantime synonymous times on File - Save Project - save. A avi, I have not done so on tab "movie".

I have total commander by date search the files, I find myself in an unknown directory individual sequences of the edited film, about 190 individual files with extensions such as m2v, DIF, alp, wav, BA1, BA2.

The film itself but I can no longer with Studio 10 in the film strip or in the upper view call, there is apparently no longer synonymous only a single file, which I can call. Something I probably will but verbaselt with my delete action in the film strip.


Antwort von Hollgo:

The target of your files (in directories you unknown) pointed out that Du Studio (unintentionally?) But ever sent me to render.
Because once you have your Project ausgibst (as AVI or MPEG etc.pp) establishes Studio help files on the hard drive, ie pieces of film, not the next of the studio must be calculated, which are then in the 2nd Rendering pass to a complete video file together.

I just do not understand why a piece of your movie is so easily lost.
From the studio out there is no way to delete files unless they come in "Save As" as somehow on the video file you have in the Project verbastelt and select the popup menu (right-click on the file) "Delete" out.
But this is so unlikely that you have this kind of erasure only willfully make stupid kann.So can not really run.

Probably there was an operation from the Total Commander, etc. wrong.

Antwort von Hadock:


well, I know it is synonymous. The deletion was only in the lower edit box. Here I have all the film clips and then marked with "Del" deleted. Yeah, I shoot with other synonymous already. Only with the difference that I download the movies again and next could edit.

The target of me - unknown - folders seem all items required for the target movie to be present, only question is to get back because somehow loaded to edit or otherwise into the studio with the handle?

Antwort von Hollgo:

Well, the auxiliary files from the original film missing zusammenzubasteln likely to be difficult. m2v files are Mpeg2 soundless. if you get to the mpv files, nor the associated soundtrack aufstöberst, could it possibly be anything else.

Make a new Project.
Then you have to be in the studio with "unknown" directory, so that the existing files in the album overview emerge. Then you first pull the video files (which you, as a preview image in the album overview to see test) in the timeline.
Then go to the "clef" and also switch to this directory. Now the files with the extension "wav" or "mp2" auftauchen.Diese draw you into the soundtrack. Now you only need the audio to match the image content zusammenpusseln and hope that all the parts are synonymous.

Antwort von Hadock:

I again

will probably make the whole new need with a new Project and then in the main directory lists just me m2v files and they are all older origin, not the 7.5. where the error occurred.

The only file which I liked back in the album view would, or what I would like to draw the Timleline would be the preamble, made, and the DIF than before.

By double-clicking yes, I can see the while, but no longer synonymous. War I back again to the next process?

Sorry for the perhaps unprofessional questions, but the program I am still not entirely clear how the process from beginning to end (finished film) expires. Will I look at a training opportunity umhören, or has anything to you?

Antwort von Hollgo:

Without a digression to do the basics in Focus.

You can follow the steps, such as the studio makes it even synonymous, in 3 sections:

1) Recording (refers only to the studio for the import of video material)

2) processing
All previously rehearsed material is now on the timeline ordered cut to music, etc. vertitelt
If you like the preview acceptable result, it's in phase 3:

3) Create (output)

The film / the project has yet by the program as a video file, or depending on the project setting as a DVD / SVCD VCD calculated (rendered) are.
Studio sets in this phase help files on the hard drive one. First, the bodies of the video, the original remained so forth (not accompanied / unvertitelte & Effects send video without passages) of the studio initially skipped and only the title passages / dubbing passages / Effect passages saved as a video piece. As a result of which you mentioned m2v and wav files etc.pp

After the edition you have either a video file on the hard drive that you have with a software player s.PC or can play a burned DVD or s.Softwareplayer also play DVD-visible image.

The 3 steps are always the order to go through. As long as you on a Project Phase 3 with a satisfactory result is not completed you should have no associated file in the Project, not video - or audio file, delete, or the location of these files change, because otherwise this part of the project, loss or even total loss may result.

This is actually with one of the most important rules of digital video editing.

Antwort von Hadock:

Hi Hollgo,

Thanks for the advice, I will once again s.das Project ranmachen the kiddies want to ultimately have their film.

Is there a way the main DIF file (header of the film itself - so no film editing of the video camera) to be used as I could because in the timeline given?

Otherwise I start again in front of s.and will take good care.

Thanks to here and you like a quiet evening.


Antwort von Hadock:

Studio 10

Hi folks,
have, after consultation with Pinnacle (live chat) today (09:05 now) nothing else done as de-installing and re-installing, and runner up and now I have the muzzle completely full.

I'm up to the hair root ...., now fully angep at once when you install No. 4 is the serial number is no longer valid.

I returned to the live chat (know by now all know, to me ... probably synonymous) and what should I tell you what a proposal was properly ,.... De-install and re-install

Now I do not know more next and such is precisely the Wumm to me to give the rest, not even ne braunsche tube I grasp that would somewhat alleviate the pain, or can I call someone a solution?


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