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Frage von peterreichert:

Hi All,

I use the Studio applications for many years.
So now synonymous for 2 months, of course, Studio 10 Pros.

"My nerves are s.end" and I "vergeute obviously a lot of time."
The fact is that this application is running with me completely unsatisfactory.
There are huge problems when rendering bishin that I will not laboriously constructed projects can be fully rendered, and again I must Beginning of the front.
Selected video effects are sometimes incorrectly rendered or presented.
Audio effects are synonymous partially incorrect structure: for example, selected anti-noise>>> Result Hall

The calculator: 3-giga-heart, constantly defragmented, firewall / antivirus is OFF, when I worked with Pinnacle.

Incidentally, I have no software to competitors to some extent these problems! Allerding would I like to stay at Pinnacle because the ergonomics are better.

Has anybody similar experiences and synonymous tips for me?



Antwort von Voltz:

You're right, S10 is sent bedeuerlicherweise too early into the race. The recently released beta patch 10.2, however, gives cause for hope that Pinnacle get the problems under control.

If you want to install the beta batch previously put either a Windows restore point s.oder even better an image backup of the system partition (Ghost, Drive Image, etc.). Official patches or new beta versions can not be installed over a beta about it. Otherwise you'd have to S10 again completely uninstall.

You can find the patch here: CLICK


Antwort von peterreichert:

Thanks for the tip. Today synonymous've seen this morning that Pinnacle has currently set this beta patch.

You see it just like that too early with Pinnacle Studio 10 came.

The 9.3/9.4-Version ran against quite wonderful, although I had plenty of crashes and because synonymous rendering problems.
Real shame: the Pinnacle approach is basically correct class .... if it would work :-)


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"peter reichert" wrote: Real shame: the Pinnacle approach is basically correct class .... if it would work :-)

Yes, I think, Pinnacle would have been better advised to go with registered users of the 9 is a widespread beta test before you throw the product on the market.

But there flits past few years, the idea through marketing minds that they can sell existing customers as a cash cow dauerproduktive a worse product as a premium upgrade. And practice shows that, to a certain extent, yes synonymous work.

As will be abolished in general and on a broad front features integrated intelligence routines, customer rights curtailed, boot sectors manipulated by hand, without asking open ports, log files sent via the Internet, etc. - What fails is the wide storm of protest of paying customers ...

Specifically, Pinnacle again: That will require additional functions (such as HDV editing) a greater computing power, I realize, but that existing basic functions slow down, does not speak for the quality of the code!

"Never touch a running system!" everyone knows who is familiar with computers or less. I am indeed a proven Spielkalb and frequently test new things. And I'm glad synonymous capable and willing to constructive criticism. But if I invest their own money into an upgrade, then I'll synonymous have the certainty that it runs after.

Moreover, my needs s.neuen functions do not necessarily correspond with the update cycles of the Company. I have in recent years, many software companies such as lost as a customer, because a cross-grade was better than an update on two versions of time. Just my luck, I am saying.

Very good experience I did with the other hand, software that can be tested thoroughly before the purchase. Because I know what I get, and synonymous'm still willing to buy the product if I can use it. Basically, I think the way for a software product that you can relate perfectly disembodied over the Internet. However synonymous must be some benefit for the customer to do that.

Again, back to Pinnacle: If you know that you get quality problems with a major update, then it would have been wiser to make these tough times palatable existing in a particular way. I certainly have not convinced the upgrade price when I had the package in his hands, and in retrospect I am glad that I'm faithful to my 9.4.3.

And what I had said s.anderer place already: Mention whether the additional purchased plug-ins, the next valid 9er equipment in different version, had listened to the package. (How synonymous at all would have required the update package content information other than the full version. But the only s.Rande.)


Antwort von peterreichert:

yes ... You are quite right:
I had, in the new installation of Studio 10 Pro synonymous still the problem that my very expensive purchased Pinnacle plug-ins were no longer activated.
Over very long hold times and multiple discussions with Pinnacle, I even had to buy yet ", I have finally received the new activation code. This has also cost me all together at least 20 euros. Pinnacle manages not really seem to be the activation codes per registered user.

I look forward to all cases s.wann Studio 10 will make it really fun, my mood is completely to the basement.



Antwort von Kiara Borini:

I can understand it synonymous always annoys me when my computer will not work as it should.


Antwort von prem:

Hi Kiara!

You have not understood that what I believe: We are talking about the completely botched SOFTWARE and not about whether the calculator of anyone running or not!
Your post sounds so s.wie: "Well, blame yourself if you do not have your calculator under control." Sorry, but this is not just the twisting of facts, but still synonymous in common ...


Antwort von Ed Behrens:

So, after several synonymous I can not tell from reading my lines. But so be it ...

And frankly, software and hardware are already stable Syteme beidermaßen relevant synonymous in the combination. And because it obviously can not enter the system, that stable on every conceivable platform, running variations, is a feedback, where others may have less trouble to hire even make sense.

Whether a software is completely botched or not, will be reflected in the sum of the experiences of all users of positive, or negative.

And yes, I remember that I support, upgrade and quality control of Pinnacle had appreciated quite negative.

And no, I am far from vulgarity. What's so common, incidentally, if I can empathize with that sentiment Peter Reichert is in the basement? Baseness of my also expressed synonymous different. My backhand is infamous for having left behind a habitat free zone.


Antwort von Ed Behrens:

Oops, somehow I had logged out the forum again. Tabbed browsing is probably no longer supported ...

The last contribution was of me. (Editing it so I can not ...)

... And obviously synonymous login anymore! When I click on the answers, I'm back out there :-(

ciao Kiara Borini



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