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Frage von Haikosh:

Have been working longer with Pinnacle Studio 9 As I previously was very satisfied with the product, I bought the studio 10 pros upgrade. In the hope that this version runs just as well.

Now I installed the upgrade (Version 9 does not uninstall). The installation went flawlessly.

My problem is I can not record movie comments!

I choose this film from the bar of the audio signal is displayed in gray.

But when I start the Studio version 9 of Film commentary is still possible.

Synonymous've installed all the updates / patches to ver 10.5. The problem persists.

How can I fix this problem? Has anyone the same question??

mfg Haikosh


Antwort von Voltz:

Look in System Preferences for its sound card.


Antwort von Haikosh:

I checked all the drivers and their settings. Of the settings here is all right.

Somehow, the funny version 9 not working correctly, the 10er upgrade.

mfg Haikosh


Antwort von homburg.wellmar:

I also have studio 10 pros complain with this error, but in the full version and updated to 10.5. Pinnacle support is helpless and unable to recognize the error. The use of my microphone has passed the hardware test. The level bar is grayed out, the level selbt not exist. Exat after 3 - 2-1 release for this film turns on the microphone out and in again after discontinuation. I also need help and have the program several times erfolgos completely removed and reinstalled.

MfG Gerhard


Antwort von Arminius:

My problem with this recording film (studio's latest update = 10.5) is slightly different, but synonymous Pinnacle support could not help me here.
The voice recording function up to one important point: I can not regulate the recording level. It is recorded rather weak, the slider next to the Microphone mapping can make use of while, but has no effect on the level height. The volume controls in Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices "are already in the top third. So here is synonymous get nothing more.

I work with a notebook Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1439G,
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio
82801FBM Intel ICH6-M - High Definition audio controller [b-2]; Type: PCI
Drivers:, date: 23.03.2005 (This is the latest Drivers)

Does anyone know this problem and better still, correct it?

mfG Arminius


Antwort von Haikosh:

I have now once synonymous with trying to support ...... without any progress so far!

Today I received an e-mail of support team that she passes the question, I would be interested s.wen?

This will put out the dates.

... Then I'm probably lucky if synonymous only a weak signal but will say yes, it comes a signal ;-)



Antwort von Nio:


What about the Währe, the comments included with another program (such as with version 9 or with the Windows Sound Recorder to reach your own (on the Start / Programs / accessories / entertainment)), the scenes of hunting through Audacity (Filters: Noise removal). Then you can reinziehen the sound file is still in Pinnacle Studio.


Antwort von Arminius:

Hello, forum friends,

this can not be the solution for "no film comment", a program should be able to execute synonymous its built-in functions, but everything else is humbug. Must we therefore Pinnacle next step on the feet, or hope that Pinnacle has an experienced user.


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