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Frage von mtb:


my neighbor asked me to make him acquainted. He has a Panasonic HDC-SD5, the H264 video with 1920x1080 pixel recording (13 Mbps CBR, file extension. Mts).
When you play on your laptop with the supplied AVHCD of Panasonic player is playing flawlessly unnecessary.

Can I import the file, however, in Pinnacle 11 or play it with the VLC player, jerky playback extremely high (2.3 screen changes in 20sec.)

Pinnacle Missing a codec? What could be the subject Jerkiness? It occurs incidentally when playing of the internal as synonymous of an external hard drive (USB 2.0) on.

The laptop is a SonyVaio with 1,66 GHz Centrino Duo (set to highest performance) and 1024MB RAM. This hardware is loud enough Pinnacle manual.

Has anyone an idea?

Gruß, André


Antwort von wolfgang:

So, unfortunately, one thing is sure: the hardware is definitely not enough for 1920 AVCHD, Gerd Studo the Pinnacle 12 + software specified for 2.66 Ghz and a quad, with 2 GB of RAM.

Laptops are even in most cases less than performat desktop, because he has bad cards. He could only try PowerDirector 7, which is quite performat when playing the cut - eventuella synonymous nor Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum, which was synonymous for extra improved.


Antwort von darg:

So the notebook is enough for H.264 is not all male!
A quad, or a faster Dou Clocked it must happen. The editing in Vegas takes powerful Bumm of the CPU, Pinical is still sapping resources and is thus like a lame duck.
I do not know how well the Code of Canon Pana but has a H.264 codec in the RF models that can fairly well with a E6850 CPU can handle. The H.264 of Sanyo but it is hardly processable and so I must advance of the clips to convert into something smoother. Would recommend this synonymous with your material to make, takes stress out of the scary thing :-)


Antwort von mtb:

Thank you for your answers. My neighbor has the notebook with over 70 years, bought his first computer as a. I will once again how intensely he raushören DV editing and wants to make him into a desktop PC for guessing.

What exactly do you mean with "transform into something fluid" shown? Are there any free software to do such a thing?


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