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Frage von PapnMartien:


I have the following problem and maybe you can help me because even.

Since a few days I have the video editing program Pinnacle Studio Pro 11 (also have Windows Vista Home Premium) and would like besides the Camera with recorded video clips games so synonymous edit.

And now comes the real problem:
I have previously tried with Fraps, but brings me to convert the eternal and the size of the load incurred in Pinnacle Studio Pro 11 is still crazy. As an alternative I have, therefore, the trial version of Game Cam worried. The good: I can watch the videos without long download times at Pinnacle assistants and edit, however, already emerging as the next problem. The videos are a bit too fast at Pinnacle and when the trial can not FPS (frames per second), nor change the format (ie instead of AVI WMV), Pinnacle because I somehow only problems with AVI clips makes. If I also try to play the video effects by slowing, remains the only black Picture. In addition, you can not record sound. Now I ask you, has someone already done and can experience this problem, perhaps by the full version of Game Cam fix, by the FPS and the format to WMV umändert? How can you otherwise violative of this issue without having to risk to go? Are there other alternatives as the Game Cam, the good quality and can record sound synonymous?

I hope for a quick solution


Antwort von Der_Matze:

Grüß you :-)

Hab mich ebent logged in the forum here, so just synonymous NEN Servus s.alle :-)

So now to your problem.
I am for about 2 years with video game and their processing.
It took me countless hours of research and tinkering Einstellerei and tasted, until I had the somewhat out -.-
First, I recommend again to use Fraps.
Then you have the program you download VirtualDub.
It is freeware, so free and absolutely legal.
Then you need to open the Rohvideos so, depending on what Resolutiondu use. Go to "Video" then on "Compression", choose "DivX Codec 6.8.2 (2logical CPUs) or ähnl.aus depending which processor you have.
And assuming that you have the codec installed on the PC, brings the prog does not own codecs with.
Do you have the codec is selected, go right of the window next to "Configure".
So, now is depending on what resolution your video, is it to 1280x720, so you should use the 720p profile, it is significantly higher, you have obviously the 1080p profile.
Is it roughly DVD resolution, you can use Home Theater profile take.

In the profile selection you have the encoder settings, make the check mark and there's no preference for which profile to 8th stage
Now you can close the window and in the "File" option "save s.avi menu.
Name and make up store, now begins the rendering process.

The whole is necessary because Fraps, probably in order to save computing time, an important index omits track data, especially in the studio is very important. Vegas is because less stubborn, but is not synonymous to each video.
VirtualDub adds this important track added at the same time it brings the video to manageable sizes gerimgem quality loss.

Is hammer already, if not even 2min to need 4GB of space ^ ^

've Made a video, whose Rohgröße were to 75GB to 220MB runterreduzieren can. However, the quality suffered a lot because the videos including the codecs of various video hosts a total of 3 codecs were sent.
Vegas is because a lot better and the quality differences are huge.
Solo VirtualDub because you can save, but it is the only way, if the studio with funzen aims.

I do not know if you here just so pure examples may set, but here's my own video channel, where you yourself can make auge.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Fraps or Camtasia Studio PROGIS both pretty good.

Otherwise look at the forums look Machinima .... but there is increasingly working with Fraps.
B. DeKid


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