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Hello Friends Video

I am currently about to copy my VHS tapes to DVD via the PC. I've been using for a simple USB solution and the software of Pineacle - Studio 7 After I tried erstmal bisl are now occurred to me a few questions:

When I capture video of VHS over Stuido 7, I can make certain video settings. For me, the compression will be different options available. Since I do not know much about it, I wanted to ask once, what is recommended. To Auswhl are R 3.2 .... Intel Indeo Video 4.5 Intel Indeo Video Indeo video 5.10 ...... ...... BCLEPIM1 32-bit Compressor and YUY2. Depending on the setting I will then be displayed in the image width and image height and frame rate vary in size. My understanding is that the image size must be as high as possible in order to then generate a corresponding picture for output to DVD can be, right? Yes I want to dub VHS sources copied 1:1 on DVD. Depending on the choice of the options I can choose either the synonymous quality between 0 and 100%, or the data rate that can be selected individually to 880kb/sek.

What can I recommend the advanced DV editing for professional settings? Would I look over an answer or a website link. Thank you and many greetings


Antwort von beiti:

The optimum solution would be to first get the films in a compressed format to a minimum (eg, DV-AVI) on hard drive in order to convert it to MPEG2 and burn to DVD.

Unfortunately, I know your "USB" solution not know and that is what quality it possible.
Schau doch bitte mal after which recording formats are available other than those mentioned. I think for example of DV-AVI or MPEG2.

Resolutionmuß in any case be 720 x 576 pixels.


Antwort von Robat:

Thanks for the quick reply. I use a KWorld DVD Maker USB 2.0 to play my videos on the PC. In the recording, the videos are so erstmal saved in avi format. I can be missing synonymous Studio 7 software on a number of options, such as Cinepak Codec by Radius, then a DV video encoder, and in turn this Indeo Video 5.10, Intel Indeo Video 3.2 and 4.5 R opion.

According to your words I have probably the DV Video Encoder option, select and paying attention that the image size is recording at 720x576, right? And then what option do I need when converting to MPEG-Select a format? (see my first post where I have given the choices)


Antwort von Voltz:

Studio 7 is so old, not outdated to say. I'm not sure, but one could ever make it even DVDs?

Regardless faslls So you want to create a DVD, you'd have to render your project as an MPEG-2. The best bit rate of DVD players that can still be read, is located at 8500 Kbps. If your movie is longer than 60 minutes, you have to reduce the bit rate.

If it had went with S7, use the automatic setting. How to get there in any case with the followers of S8, S9 and S10 to very useful results.


Antwort von beiti:

I found the homepage of the manufacturer,
But from the description is not really clear how the workflow is designed with the thing. There are grumbles yes "DVD Maker", that is, but the supplied software must be designed for DVD creation. Pinnacle Studio 7 synonymous no question, but is of Ulead Movie Factory.

Quote: In the recording, the videos are so erstmal saved in avi format. In the description of what is "Real Time MPEG 1/2/4 Encoding". Accordingly, it should be possible to place capture in an AVI format directly into DVD-compliant MPEG2. It says synonymous "right to disc" - whatever that is meant. I suppose it depends of the starting processor performance.
All other compression methods (Indeo, Cinepak, etc.) are wrong for this purpose in any case. If a direct recording in MPEG2 is not possible or desired, I would as an intermediate DV AVI type2 (which select the signal of DV camcorders and therefore meets all of your editing software is well supported). Then, of course, must subsequently MPEG2 encoding to be made.

The DVD takes MPEG2 in 720 x 576 pixels. The data rate must be chosen so that enough space on the DVD. The maximum allowed would be almost 9 Mbit / sec (it fit), only 60 minutes on it. I would go no deeper than 4 Mbit / sec (which is already more than 2 hours running time allows, so for just about any feature film) last.

For better understanding, I would again like to know exactly:
Which of the supplied / existing Programs you use in what order? Can I capture with Pinnacle Studio 7 of the USB thing, or do you need to advance a different software?

HP: 880 kB / sec = 7.2 Mbit / sec


Antwort von Robat:

Thanks for the reply. It is possible to record a video with Studio 7 on the DVD Maker. But it is true that synonymous to the software Ulead MovieFactory was mitgelifert. I should probably synonymous to use this software to at least the videos in your PC and then copy it to DVD. This is synonymous to cut my first concern, then afterwards I can still use it, and then the synonymous Studio 7 software. I will try out all erstmal And maybe I'm coming to get my desired result.


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