Infoseite // Pinnacle Studio 9.3 Pros and HFX 6.0

Frage von Thoto1608:


My question! Can I Pros, the new Pinnacle Studio 9.3 Pinnacle Hollywood FX 6.0 installed or is this only for Pinnacle Studio 10?



Antwort von Vitrend:

As far as I know it works synonymous with Studio 9 Pros. What exactly do you mean by that, but that the effects in the studio itself are available, or whether you can install HFX?


Antwort von Thoto1608:


So I mean if you can install the HFX 6.0! For the 9.3 version is only version 5.2 on it! And with version 6.0, there are lots of new effects! So I wanted to draufinstallieren on the 9.3 version!



Antwort von Voltz:

I do not think that it will work. HFX is indeed installed auto.
Apart from that I did not notice that, in S10, "a lot of new effects" are there. What is new, has more to do with S10 itself.


Antwort von dahmen10:

Hi All,
synonymous have a little problem with the new installation of 9.3. To have this installed HFX 5.2, however, any additional crossings which do not go green are not. Had I been so happy. 've Reinstalled and and And. What can that be? These great HFX Creator where you can watch all the horny I transitions in the program but they do not. Maybe someone can help me.

Friendly greetings



Antwort von Voltz:

What are you doing?
I had already posted in April that you have to install HFX no extra, because it is automatically installed.
Even if you are a package erwirbst HFX (HFX PRO or HFX MEGA) Performing or you need to install anything at all!
In this case you choose on your Windows Start menu item "Enter Serial Number" (or something similar). If you have done that, are the next start of Studio car unlocked all subsequently acquired Effects.

I hope I did not see you misunderstood?


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