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Frage von GSU1:

Hello buddies,
Who knows with Pinnacle Sudio 9 from?
I Have a new video of Cam JVC MG50 purchased with a 30 GB HDD. This stores the Cam einzellne scenes as *. MOD files on the HDD. So, for each recording, stop by pressing the shutter button for a scene by pressing the shutter button again to the scene, is created on the HDD, a *. MOD file.
Since a recording only, on average, takes 20 to about 40 seconds, one can imagine that in a minute movie length of 30th so some will be saved to disk s.Dateien. These files, I can dub of the action then via USB to my PC.
Now my real problem comes
When editing these files with Pinnacle Studio, I can always just a show of MOD files under "2 EDIT" to this z.Beisp. insert in "storyboard". This is very difficult and very long now.
It is therefore not possible z.Beisp in the Choice of the files in "2 EDIT" when you open the folder with the *. MOD files stored. with Ctrl-A, all located there *. MOD files to highlight them into the "SCENES VIEW integrate" to. You can select only one file, which you can edit in the "SCENES VIEW" then.

My question is - How can I move all the *. MOD files in the "SCENES VIEW"?
Perhaps there is one of who knows.



Antwort von Vitrend:

It does not work, you can pull all files at once into the timeline / storyboard, but all together in the scene "Book" can not be done.


Antwort von Little-Lucas:

Hello GSU1,

So I also have a JVC camcorder (GZ-MG33 30GB) and edit my videos with Pinnacle Studio 9 Pros.

I had exactly that same problem as you, just that I had to select the files individually cumbersome. The solution to this problem is both simple and ingenious:

If you pulled your *. MOD - files in a folder, you just have only the ending, so. MOD, rename the. Mpg. Problems are untregkommen me with this method before. Pinnacle can stop now even read only mpg and avi. The *. MOD - files are reserved for the program Cyberlink PowerDirector Express, but there is so synonymous.

Result: When you open the folder in the Pinnacle, then you see all your videos with each other on the scene view.

I hope I could help you with it. You'll just have to do is figure out yet how to umbennt multiple files at once, or could soon claim a very long time.

Cinematic Greetings,

Little Lucas


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