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Frage von mercedesmoves:


I have my Canon XL1S for 5 years. Recordings were previously without problems. Yesterday however, I have discovered during the recordings a little red dot. When I've looked at the pictures, a small white spot was down in the Picture, looks like a dead pixel. We can see it only if you film a dark background.
At first I thought would be that my lens was not clean, it was cleaned again, but the little red dot is in the view finder.

You know how it can create a dead pixel? Is my lens defective? I have taken the Camera Lens of u have found a small dot on the "glass", the one with the lens of the Canon XL1S links (sorry, I do not know the technical term).

You know, can emerge as this point? I take my lens really never end, I understand why u do not like it can cause damage.

Can we get away this dead pixel in any editing?

Thanks for your help!


Antwort von deti:

"Mercedes moves" wrote: You know how it can create a dead pixel? Is my lens defective?
Can we get away this dead pixel in any editing?

If broken pixels visible in photographs, then it is s.Sensor. If this effect is only seen in the viewfinder, the display of the viewfinder is faulty.
Dead / Hot pixel generation of production-and age-related. The former are masked by a factory calibration process of signal processing in the camera and fall out of the rule (only takes the focus in the area of pixels masked from light) on.
Age-related encountered broken pixels caused by the normal chemical degeneration of the semiconductor. Strength and speed are of life, ambient temperature and manufacturing process of the semiconductor from.
As a repair measure is usually a defective pixel Ausmaskierung the subsequently created by the service (partner) of the manufacturer.
In the editing, such a pixel will be removed by applied to the affected area Blur Effect.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Search in Google for times

Logo Away plug in Virtualdub

This should work

B. DeKid


Antwort von nicecam:

"Deti" wrote: ... Calibration process ...


As a repair measure ...

I assume these processes are as synonymous repair work only with professional cameras for the course? So Henkel camera left out?

"B. DeKid" wrote: Logo Away ...


This should work

And to be suitable.

I have the filter in the recording of my old SonyVX1E (now of course no longer is used) have been applied. The fact has a lot of dead pixels. Almost as many as stars s.Himmel. And this is synonymous to the recordings sometimes first, and if you wave, you come to ponder :-)

In the case of MAGIX VDL (at the last versions I do not know) you include logo-away filter easily.

@ Mercedes moves,
In a normal recording you catch only the brightest pixels. But what if there are more?

Do the following: You close the Camera s.einen monitor, such as PC. You can warm up the camera a long time. Then you give strong additional gain. Gradually, you can generally differ from the noise, the pixel error noise.

If you have or just Magix logo away downloaded and installed: instructions can be provided in the network. I've saved something synonymous, do not find it at the moment.

If more pixels there are errors, you need the filter to apply to each individual. However, you can save the whole as a preset and then apply the next time.

If you choose the right settings, you will then have a "perfect" picture.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Why the hell, I fly out of here all the time? Was I naughty? Well then, I place myself in the corner. But I want to know why I am beaten :-(


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