Infoseite // Recording errors in Canon XH A1! Important!

Frage von Shawana:


I have a big problem with my Canon XH A1.
When recording in HDV (if synonymous with DV-I have not tested allderings) frames are often omitted. During the recording of the tapes, I see partially between a red Picture Studio, which is very annoying, because I can throw away whole recording. This error makes sound synonymous in bemerktbar ...

Do you know that? Why is that?
What can I do?

Thanks for quick answers!

LG Anja


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Set times another tape mark Make A.
For my mini-HDV cameras I use Panasonic AY-type DVM60FE since May 2006, without drop-outs. Have about 50 tapes so far used only once to take on, then only one copy of the intersection points for archiving.


Antwort von halbschuh:

Canon says that with their bands (HDVM-E63PR) to be significantly less or no drop-outs to come. Apparently, these tapes, however, a and the same as the master tapes of Sony (PHDVM-63DM).

In practice, we have noticed no difference: we had with conventional HDV tapes as synonymous with the master tapes of Sonyand Canon drop-outs and Red-frames. And even on the first tape of a completely replaced and the new tape drive, which in the revision has been replaced. Synonymous and did not realize that there is less of a tape and the other came to more errors.

Others swear by Panasonic tapes:


Antwort von Axel:

All this, especially the red frames that remind me s.Adobe premiere. I always thought I would never have dropouts with my A1 - until the camera was on CS3. When start / stop seems to premiere a small disaster to happen, a tape with many Takes s.Stück single, you can practically forget about: Despite valiant indexing partially asynchronous sound.
But synonymous with a continuous recording! The same in FinalCut Studio is error free. It is therefore not only on camera or on tapes.


Antwort von r.p.television:

My XH A1 and XL H1 (; identical drive) produce only dropouts s.den REC / PAUSE transitions. If times a dropout in the middle of the scene is then determined with the most against a Rempler Camera together. If never before.
Use always the cheap Panasonic tapes and the band never change places.
Capture with HDV splitter and read the separate files into Premiere CS3 On. There is no red frames synonymous and synonymous no more asynchronous sound. The empty frames during scene transitions are seen with HDV splitter does not and therefore there is no synonymous erroneous frames at the beginning of a clip.
If I were within premiere of an entire input tape (and, because so does the internal scenes not separation) is the result after the indexing and bringing catastrophic. In Files of an hour one has to conclude a sound-picture-Asynchronität of up to 5 seconds.


Antwort von happythewicked:

I noticed the different cameras to different drop outs "play" if you really are on the band and not the program has been caused.

if I xha1 record with the band and the hv30 with the input, there is no red frames but only a short "active pixels" or something and then everything goes next, it is simply a jump inside of about 1 second.

when I look at the tapes, but with the xha1 record of synonymous and then there's the red capture frames and the sound is so much afterwards I Erine can return to normal ...

once I even had the incredible situation the image as normal (just stop with the drop outs) of the hv30 was captured and the sound itself but about half from the beginning has s.wiederholt ... after re-capturing with the xha1 hats then voted ... was troublesome.


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