Infoseite // Premiere CS4 Mac: Sound asynchronously

Frage von Pebowski:

If I with Premiere CS4 on the Mac, a video capture (Mini-DV), then the sound is totally asynchronously (it is long before the picture to the end). The project settings are, in my opinion, correct: DV-Pal, 16-bit, 48 KHz
At what could be the stumbling block?
With iMovie, the recording is totally wrong.

LG, Peter


Antwort von masterseb:

44.1khz experimental times in the project settings. because what is apparently miscalculated. be at the premiere itself, I think time line of frames to milliseconds synonymous change would be interesting to see if what helps.


Antwort von Pebowski:

Thanks for the tip it - but unfortunately no difference. Very strange.


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