Infoseite // Premiere CS5: No activation of the Mercury Engine

Frage von bernd_das_brot:

Hello people!

I have in my new MacPro (8 core) installed a GTX 285 but does not recognize Premiere Pro CS 5 the map. According Tuturial I need to activate in the project settings, the area is marked in gray and I can not use the Mercury engine.

Hat jmd of you has already had the problem, or generally a tip for me as a Mac user?

Best regards


Antwort von Jörg:

If it is the updat on is 5:02, Premiere is very anxious of finding the latest driver set. All I know of problems (synonymous with the CUDA Hack) were removed afterwards.

Whether it works is, however, synonymous for Jobs??


Antwort von bernd_das_brot:

okay super is a good tip, I try this evening times :-)


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