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Frage von scheissdreck666:

Hello, I'm quite premiere Beginners and need some advice quickly.

I have a DVD to AVI converted and now they would like to edit in Premiere. The problem is that the Vorrendern in the work area so incredibly long that I'm in serious trouble come time.

It must be possible to render this acceleration in the Darstellungsquallität (only for the cut) sets down, and thus shorten the rendering time. Something is at any rate possible, After Effects, but I think that is synonymous there. Do not have any such function is found.

In the field where I was the "Quallität" may recruit can only Restated / High Quallität / and Ausgangsmateriall or so, nothing of Low.

Maybe someone can help me or give other tips that I come quickly to cut.

Thank you


Antwort von RickyMartini:

You should see the project settings to use with regard to the Picture-and Tonparameter that your AVI file has - as far as possible.

What codec and what format did you use the AVI?


Antwort von scheissdreck666:

It is an AVI file which I would like to edit,

Image Width: 720
Height: 544

ie 16:9

Data rate: 347 kBit
Total Bitrate: 603Kbit

Bitrate 256

Have it with Gordian Knot of DVD to AVI conversion. XviD Codec


Antwort von RickyMartini:

How long is the season and how large is the file?

The AP-Project is not a DV project in 16:9 format (anamorphic) his. Whenever possible, it would be better, right after DV-AVI rauszurendern of GK from.


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