Infoseite // Premiere Pro: 3D Effect for Farbbrille?

Frage von Beckham23:

I once tried a bit with Premiere Pro and came across rum under: Effects - Video Effects - Adjust the Picture - color shifting to something "ominous".

When I looked at the effect the first time that reminded me s.3D films where you need the Pappbrillen. So I setup times and one in the video preview window even came across a bit of a 3D effect. Then I tried the same times on TV, there was the effect, however, is zero.

Has anyone an explanation as to why this effect / filter is good?



Antwort von noboundaries:

I find it hard to believe that a small plug-in can understand dreidimensionional 2D objects - because that would be needed to really make such an effect to. Normally this is done with 2 cameras. To clarify: Close one eye and try to estimate distances - this is only because you have experience, but lacks the software.


Antwort von TheDrummer:

This effect benefits you only if you have Stereoscopic footage.
I've worked with it:
With Cinema 4D a scene with 2 cameras, which were set at approximately eye relief. Then drüberlegen the effect and voila - it was already 3D (with the aforementioned glasses, of course);)


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