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Frage von Peter_image:

Hi Folks,

I have a new Project and held solely as happy to integrate elements from the Timeline of another project. So I have created shelves in the new Project and then added the relevant files by drag and drop.

Problem: The picture is there and the audio track is empty and she's dumb. Why might that be? Has anyone a hint?


PS: Yes, the tracks are active;)


Antwort von fisheye2010:

Hello Peter,

have the same problem as you at that time.
Have you found a solution for this?

'd Be glad to answer ...


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Peter_image" wrote: I have a new Project and held solely as happy to integrate elements from the Timeline of another project.
You take the data from one project to another does not stop in the space provided, functioning style!

Need to do this: Create a new folder in the new project and import the entire project to be delivered in there via File -> Import -> Adobe Premiere Pro projects (*. prproj).

Then you take you from the imported material those clips / clips / etc. out who you want to further process the new Project. If all the raw material s.den by the Project is expected places, you'd have everything (video, audio, still images, title, etc.) they have available.

Although slow idle sound, but of course this is all in the included help ...


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