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Frage von o.hofman:


I have two questions to Premiere Pro. I've created in After Effects a simple zoom on a map and import it into Premiere. Now I wanted to remove the first frame as a picture so I can lie in wait for when to start the zoom. If I do, and export as a. Bmp or. Tiff again then paste it into the film is thinner than the animation that follows, and it should be moving up too so I can see from the picture into an animation jump. What am I doing wrong and what do I have for options?

The second question is simpler. When a. M2v file is created a so-called. Xmpses file always there. What is it? Do we need it?

Thank you, to ask for the opportunity synonymous someone.


Antwort von AndyZZ:

If you have imported the picture, then right click to interpret footage and put under pixel aspect ratio to square pixels to square pixels of 1.067. Then it fits.

What is behind the. Xmpses hiding, I do not know. Do I have never touched, always ignored.




Antwort von Frik:

. xmpses contains the positions of the chapter markers that you have put into Appro. Encore recognizes this, and then accepts it.
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Wiro:

to your first problem somewhat.
The prof. Method goes like this:
Insert the Zoomclip again against einzukürzen to the desired duration of the statue (of right) and then
Right click> Stillimage> stopping at In-Point.
This first picture is frozen and you have no problems with size differences, jerkiness and interlaced.
Greeting Wiro


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