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Premiere Pro 1.5 - Beste Videoqualität für DVD-Videos

Premiere Pro 1.5 - Best video quality for DVD-Video

Frage von SamAlter26:
November 2005

Hello Love (co-) ignorant and experienced specialists!

Work has recently been with now Premiere Pro 1.5 and am still, despite several attempts with the exported, visual video quality on DVD (directly) from the program dissatisfied. I look at my DV camcorder movies directly to TV v. I super-saturated colors - just the opposite when I edit the films in the program (I am not pretending s.der saturation, simply cut and transitions) and then export as a DVD. I read a lot about codecs and conversion etc, etc. .. yet I am only looking for a solution how I can get the color quality of my recordings as possible. That makes it with pale colors that is not fun! Am for all the advice written in any professional Chinese are very grateful.

Is it perhaps s.der (low?) 24-bit color depth of my camcorder?
Should I buy a camcorder or 32bit without buying new geht's?

Canon MV800, MiniDV
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
AMD 2800 +, 512 DDR Dual Channel RAM, Readon 9600

Antwort von jens:

Hi SamAlter26,
with which particular export settings with which video bitrate do you exportierst?

Antwort von prem:

Erstmal Thanks for your answer. Here are the required data:

Video Summary:
Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video
Quality: 5.00 (high quality)
TV Standard: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 25 fps
Program Sequence: Interlaced
Field order: Bottom
Bitrate Encoding: VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
Encoding passes: 2
Target bit rate (Mbps): 9.0000 (high quality)
Max bit rate (Mbps): 9.0000 (high quality)
Minimum Bit Rate (Mbps): 9.0000 (high quality)
M Frames: 3
N frames: 12

Audio Summary
Codec: MainConcept MPEG Audio
Audio format: MPEG-1 Layer II audio
Bitrate (Kbps): 224
Sampler rate: 48 kHz

Multiplexer Abstract:
Multiplexer Type: DVD

... if you have a proposal which I can improve - to make changes?

Antwort von jens:

Hey Sam,
indeed need not find its zweiten Threadsinnfrei zweiten Thread
To export your settings:
Are you already give full carrot. Normally, target-and minimum bitrate are already lower than the maximum. (How long is your video really ;-).

Otherwise, it might be helpful, would you publish two comparison photos (via

Antwort von Markus:

"Jens" wrote:
... yes need not find its

Antwort von wrunge:

Erstmal Thank you for your reply. The comparison photos, I would stop soon.

"jens" wrote:
Make sure you actually found the enormous Qualitätsunteschied only s.TV device or synonymous s.Calculator?

Loss of quality is connected directly to the Comparison between the video outputs (camcorders s.TV) and video output for viewing on your PC or on DVD after editing s.diesem clear.

To summarize ... it is not jerky, it's not too pixelated - it is only the saturation of colors, and perhaps even the brightness. Got to do if the color depth of your camcorder something with it?

Antwort von Markus:


The camcorder has no influence on it. Instead, you compare the PC monitor with a television, that is the proverbial apples with oranges. As the picture looks if you cut the film (played on a DV tape, or in the form of a DVD video, just not about the graphics card!) S.Television look at?

More Info:
Difference between PC and TV monitor

Antwort von AndyZZ:

VBR indeed makes little sense if you put minimum and maximum bit rate the same. In addition, maximum bit rate of 9000kbit / s is already pretty high. With the sound after this you could on some players already have problems with playback. If you have enough space on the DVD, then add it CBR / s 8000kbit for Picture and 224 or 384 kbit / s for the sound. That is all sufficient and will unterschiedsfrei to your previous settings will be.
For color problem:
I understand that right?
- Your original material of DV s.TV is super-saturated colors.
- Your original material of DV über'n PC, editing, and export to DVD preview .-... so what?
As your DVD looks like, w hen they s.TV you play?
These are TV and PC monitor completely different things should be clear.
Can the colors natrülcih turn back s.deinem TV or change the colors s.deinem PC monitor stronger.
Also available: comparison only on TV.



Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello SamAlter26

Apart of the strange settings, it is
or the signal conversion (ie conversion to MPEG2 DVD format)
generally the case that the contrasts subside and the pictures / film is lighter than the original. This has to do with the color spaces.

This effect occurs depending on the codec more or less in appearance and is sometimes synonymous tricked here, to prevent just such Effects.

Find out more on

Therefore, if one of your optimization settings does not produce the desired results, it is perhaps Basically s.Encoder and DIR as sharp observer.


Antwort von jens:

I think you have been very "be sensitive" to (such a clear difference in such a high bit rate also identify with the Mainconept encoder) to.
Markus' answer seems to take exactly.

@ Sam:
Do not you have the DVD schonmal s.TV device considered (and compared with the camcorder image)?


Antwort von wrunge:

Many thanks for the many to answer.

the difference (quality loss) is considered the bear to export directly to a dvd from premiere pro. course measured s.direkten tv picture when camcorder s.TV device is connected. I would possibly use the canopus codec? This brings better image quality than the main concept mpeg-?

Antwort von jens:

I can not imagine that you (vsbei such a high bitrate) notice a great difference between the two codecs will.
To be honest, I still can not understand where you are soo huge difference (as I said), the bit rate. Canst thou not even publish two snapshots?

Antwort von Nightfly!:

I am struck by the earlier times.

The images of CCE and MainConcept were brighter than those from Procoder.
At that time, MainConcept synonymous something milky.

Greeting Nightfly

Antwort von jens:

Well yes, but would you be of the same
"SamAlter26" wrote:
... super-rich (n) colors ....

"SamAlter26" wrote:
- Unlike when I edit the films in the program

? point

Mysterious ...;-)

Antwort von SamAlter26:

thanks again for your reply!

have been receiving for the latest error message when export to dvd:

Could not complete the last command because: Data exceeded multiplexable bit rate. (DVDErr, -20404) PGC Info: name = Movie 1, ref = APGC, time = 234,639

can someone help me there?

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Well, if you have your picture with a bitrate of 9000 kbps, and encode the sound with 224 / kbps, then you are with the sum of 9224 / s kbit already extremely tight s.der theoretical limits of 9500kbit / s. If you still assumes that varies even when the actual bit rate CBR, then you can have views on overshoot's about it. Try it once with a video data rate of 8000kbit / s, whether the error will still appear.



Antwort von SamAlter26:


Thanks, helped: o)

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