Infoseite // Premiere Pro 1.5: Audio converge very slowly

Frage von mtemp:

when I import a video in PPro 1.5 on XP, so Premiere will first give an approximation to the audio data. It always takes a long time and can not turn off even synonymous, but earlier versions of Premiere were not dependent on
The CPU utilization on my 3GHz Calculator, 1 GB of RAM, this case is only about 5%.

Can be increased because the performance of this operation is not Blend somehow - at the expense of CPU utilization?

Thanks + Regards


Antwort von Gast:

On the subject of CPU utilization, a clear no. They are simply misconceptions.
The problem could be solved only by more capable programmers at Adobe, but that may well be forgotten.

Greeting - Away


Antwort von mtemp:

Thanks for the answer.
Then it seems like it is: (

Many greetings of Carlos


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