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Premiere Pro 2 - Absturz bei m2p? DVB-S?

Premiere Pro 2 - crash at m2p? DVB-S?

Frage von glazer:
Februar 2008

hello together!

I have problems with Premiere Pro 2.0. I very much hope that someone there to help you.
PP2 crashes on certain projects.
I go as follows: I open a new project as usual. practically the same settings on several projects with the same source file:

PAL video standard (4:3-interlaced). (depending on the film synonymous 16:9)
Recording Format: DC Studio
Frame Size: 720H x 576V (1,067)
Frame rate: 25.00 frames / second
Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1 / DV PAL (1.067)
Fields: Lower field first ( "Upper field first" synonymous tried)
Video Tracks total: 3 ... (the usual for PAL DV)
Video Rendering: Maximum bit: Off
Sample rate: 48000 samples / second

Source files are *. m2p or m2v + wav. target is a dvd out

with each film PP2 Crashes when exporting from. in a film after the first 10min, with another after 20-30min. I have naturally to me because of project settings and export settings to the head was broken, tried everything, what I einfiel. s.den export settings was probably not. after I tried this several times that, I have the export with the left and just tried to render the implement (excluding export), to check. any film then goes away from, presumably s.der same point as it previously happened during export.

in the film is about DVB-S recordings (ie, satellite-recordings), which I, as TS files. TS files I have with Procoder 3 to m2p or m2v + wav leave.
The same thing happens in several films, with varying lengths 45min, 60min, 90min.
I try the problem for weeks to solve the network does not answer to my question be found.

maybe I have wrong settings for projects done? Perhaps there is a problem with these converted TS files? so this makes an almost insane, if one has no idea what it could, what one can still try it and if you ever try what may!
even if any can not work (who knows ...), I would like to know the basic!
kann mir da please give a rat ???!!!

Antwort von Futz:

it could be that your calculator overheated?

Antwort von glazer:

this is not the more basic!
I have synonymous thought that it could s.meinem laptop or PP2 would spin. so yesterday I made another project. source was a VHS recording of, with many cut and dvd menus.
everything ran like s.schnürchen both render as synonymous export.

Antwort von glazer:

I would bring something next time someone who knows better, would say that with the project settings everything is fine and it can not lie on it. if it is covered ... :)))

Antwort von work_hard_play_hard:

In a DVB forum you're probably better advised to know what was so all about satellite arrives and how these then repaired TS streams

Antwort von glazer:

which I thought synonymous s.anfang.
but in a DVB forum is usually with the Adobe Premiere nothing to do.
Finally, I am interested in why it does not work in PP2 and what I am right or wrong, do you?

Antwort von work_hard_play_hard:

False You probably do nothing, because PP is synonymous with other videos, the missing photos or have disorders are not working properly, so once again my tip - DVB Forum and look like the make, there are so many program like Vobblanker, PVstrumento and corresponding instructions that you could try.

Antwort von glazer:

many thanks for the reply!
I've even received a tip ... procoder seems the convert m2p in *. m2v + wav or additional information (Sender ID, title, date) to maintain. and probably will premiere a clean stream.
so it does not lead to mißvertändnissen: I did not before, satellite images with Premiere to edit. (in DVB-forums you can find the appropriate tools for it) I want from the film some scenes rausschneiden to turn it into Premiere to edit. that I must, as it looks, TS demuxer (if not only demuxer separate stream of data in audio and video streams means synonymous but "remove of additional data" includes.)

Antwort von Martin Dienert:


TS demuxer (if not only demuxer separate stream of data in audio and video streams means synonymous but "remove of additional data" includes.)
When you demux the transport stream into its component parts disassembled. As a result you have the video file, one or more audio files and perhaps even subtitles. All as individual files. What else is it in the stream is discarded. As the program is strictly ProjektX or PVAStrumento to use them only with the Syncronität between video and audio is ensured. For DVB-S is demux with ProjektX or PVAStrumento practically mandatory.
Whether your premiere these files can then edit, I do not know my Premiere 6.0 it can definitely not. I would Mpeg2 files in Premiere with AVISynth load and convert to DV (if the rest of the project is synonymous DV).


Antwort von glazer:

good to know that not every program in the stream demuxer "repaired" (syncronität. ..)!

whether to participate will then premiere, which will see. :))

heartfelt thanks at least for the help!

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