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Frage von hannibalekta:

Hi folks,

I'm just about to cut a little documentary about an India tour with Premiere Pro CS3. First, the determinants:

Magic Bullet Looks installed
-6 Cassettes
- HDV (HV20 with aufenommen)
-Captured with HDVSplit m2t files in several
- WinXP - fresh install
- Already cut two short films with PPro CS3 - similar footage amount equal Workflow - noProbleme

Now the problem:

I can in Premiere Pro CS3 with no problems all footage files, etc. and start importing music with the cut. After a while Premiere opens the Project does not anymore. The bar remains at about 90% are simple. That's happened to me so far already 2 times - both times that are fairly s.Anfang my editing. And the crazy: not the car saves, nor a previously saved version of me were still open. Because I want to cut a good movie, I'm confused now, of course, and shy away from being again of starting again to again note that it is not yet. In net, I found surprisingly few workable solutions to the problem (otherwise there are actually always min. 10 min google a perfect solution ...). What I have done so far (which is pretty much all I've found on the net):

- Tries to load the project file in After Effects and again to save as PPro Project => failed because after effects was not clear

- With XML Wrench opened the project file and checked - noFehler

- The "Reset Trick" (Str + Shift) at the start of Premiere made - No Effect

- The Layout of deleted file from Premiere Program Files / Adobe => no effect

- Open auto-save file / open previously saved file => are probably synonymous broken

- Deleted media cache => no effect

- Made a new user profile in XP to open Premiere, the new layout file of this user copied to my own admin files => no effect

- The path of the footage files last loaded => and the File => all files to "offline" and then set manual attempts in small piles (otherwise - Crash) connect to the media again. Problem
1. that lasts forever and is noLösung for a 40-min Project
2. some files he said he could not connect the media because it is not a video file trading (which I do not get it so m2t files were requested. However, I see at least one solution)
3. After seeing the files for the 1st Tape was reconnected and the Project cached and reloaded, it was still not open

So - all noLösung.

I'm really desperate because you just can not cut creative when you have the fear for his project file in the back.

If you consider that both auto-save files, not as synonymous Earlier versions will open, so it can not be s.den project files, but rather s.Footage or a setting in Premiere. Can it be that I need a codec pack or so install? Can it be s.Windows? For my 2 short films I had XP on it with SP1, I think. Now I have SP2. Or it may be s.irgendwelchen video drivers? Do I have the footage vlt. capture with Premiere again (I have read something of demultiplexing)? Is it s.Space who is on the Premiere Drive (30GB)? Is there any Mglk. The entire footage durchzuchecken times are correct? Maybe corrupt video files are missing? Can it be s.anderen files that I use to? Music as there are tw. mp4 files of music from iTunes, I also sometimes as burn-film transitions from. mov files are from the net. However, the whole problem is synonymous occurred even at an early version with only the m2t files were inside.

You see, I have no idea what I should do more and I was so grateful for any tip!

Thank you!

PS: PProCS4 running the MPEG-processing too slow, that would be noLösung. CS5 and I have not Win7 and certainly not;)


Antwort von dienstag_01:

Somehow it sounds to me like broken video streams.
Something I know.


Antwort von hannibalekta:

Really? What does that mean? Again, capture new? I threw in some stupid way HDVSplit at the preview. One probably. what has been broken. Do you know the problem of synonymous premiere?


Antwort von Alf_300:

Do once, for one Project Realizations two, then you might be enough memory.
Defragment hard drive
If my:
Demux with tsmuxer
Check and repair with TSDoctor


Antwort von dienstag_01:

In my experience HDVSplit is rather too good-natured, which relates to errors in the stream (drop-outs). Since then it comes before me, that Premiere when importing the files "bitches". Even worse, I think, however, if not "bitching", but then adopted the program simple.
So, first I would sometimes examine the striking s.einem files, whether it is really broken (vielliecht in a new Project). If so, you can sometimes have new capture success. If not, is only a choice to renounce the file or the functioning part (usually referred to by the error only on a GOP) as a new file to export and then import it into the main project.


Antwort von bjelgorod:

I would guess that perhaps premiere memory problems with the many split mt2 files added. You just try to capture even the material without separation scene in one file per tape. Maybe that fixes the problem so already.

Good luck


Antwort von hannibalekta:

@ Alf_300: Thanks for the tips program, I will try it!

@ Dienstag_01: I've placed all the files offline and only some files from 1 Tape was imported, I have just dispensed with the files, at the premiere of this strange error message (noVideodatei) has issued. Despite this, my file will not open after a save + reboot. That's funny.

@ Bielgorod: I would make s.liebsten synonymous. Only then can not even quasi-cut, because you always have all the material must scrub to quickly find a new scene.

Or is there a feature on Premiere CS3, which I recognize from a video stream and the cuts to me as a kind of "pseudo-Files" makes available (detection as the scene with Pinnacle Studio ... that would be, moreover, my last resort. ..)

Thank you so much in any case ever for the tips!



Antwort von dienstag_01:

To the memory problems, I think not really ...
But something that's already ambiguous words, with your 30Gb.
I assume that are on your system disk, for, as will six HDV tapes fit to this size.


Antwort von hannibalekta:

accurate - on the system disk (there is synonymous Premiere) or 30 GB are free.
The tapes are on another disc



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