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Frage von Trolleule:

I wanted to ask if this is normal, play the Premiere Pro sequence in a very jerky, it is not like someting like an After Effects RAM preview or something.

The sequence does not include any effects, just an imported blend of AE, ie, an AE Project File. Project AE: 30 fps, 640x480

My system is not bad:
AMD Phenom X4 II 2.60 GHz
GeForce GTX260 (1.5GB Ram)

Does a simple sequence of liquid at you?
Thanks Schonmal


Antwort von Bijan:

Also 2 GB RAM is not really much ... Perhaps the purchase of additional memory fix the problem ...
Start times when playing a sequence, but the Task Manager (with the right mouse button down on the taskbar and start Task Manager) and look how times the CPU utilization or memory usage .... Should the RAM be s.Anschlag already, then there should be aufgstockt in any case. For me the memory usage is usually the case with 3.5 GB.


Antwort von Trolleule:

Hi and thanks for your tip.
So I got with firefox and Premiere Pro 65 s.laufen processes (64-bit Windows 7). In idle I have a CPU utilization of 8% and a storage capacity of 1.59 GB. When playing increases the CPU-A. at 80-95% and the memory-A. rises slowly to 1.90 GB, then next not you go. Even after repeated play, the preview is not liquid.

Can you ever make a forecast, where the evil lies buried and How is it with the CPU usage is too high? : /

Schonmal Thanks:)

Edit: I have an overloaded system, I fear. Could you a look that CPU-A. and memory-A. you have, if only Premiere Pro is openly, with no additional resource demanding Programs open at once. Would be very nice;)


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